Micro-Forecast: May 1 to 7, 2017

The day begins with the last challenging aspect between Saturn and Chiron, which is the same aspect that began late 2016 when then President Obama ousted Russian diplomats giving them a few hours to leave town. Since transit Saturn is still sitting at the same very intense degree of 27º Sagittarius 20′, the heat is still on since Venus is sitting very close to this conjunction. There is an interesting juxtaposition regarding Saturn’s staying and not moving at the above degree, which, if you recall, is the fast and furious Galactic Center, where all things can turn out and change at a faster than speed of light pace.

The juxtaposition is that choices are available as individuals, as companies, or as nations and they can be either destructive or constructive depending upon how conscious or unconscious the motivation. I opt for constructive, because circumstances can go the other way very easily with Saturn sitting at that very sensitive degree of 27º Sagittarius. The markets reflect its position as well as it did throughout 1929, then 1960 and then in 1987 to 1988.

Venus, now direct, is usually good about balancing out ideas and negotiating if both parties are taken into consideration. Venus is providing a fulcrum between severe Saturn at 27º Sagittarius and the transiting Moon today at 28º Gemini. For those individuals born in the last few days of Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces or Virgo or who have many of their strong astro positions in late mutables, please, please, please take a moment to breathe before coming down hard on a decision.

This is a week filled with a lot of anxiety as is true anytime we see many mutables finishing their run and about to enter the more action oriented cardinal signs. Taking that deep breath or taking a few hours or days to decide upon what could be life changing decisions is important as transit Mercury, in retrograde for the last few weeks, stations to move in a forward direction on Wednesday May 3 at 24º Aries 17′.

There is some good and some cautionary news with this event as Mercury, which represents negotiations, contracts, communications, transport, and problem solving is moving closer and closer in alignment with electric Uranus on the following week May 9. Uranus isn’t very patient, so, please take a deep breath, or wait on answering that email or phone call until you get your bearings.

A once a year Mercury/Uranus alignment (between 25º and 26º Aries) can be a breakthrough in terms of thought or ideas or innovative solutions, but if left unchecked can say or do things that can shatter already tentative alliances. We always have choices on how we listen or communicate or convey information. The key thing is to always ask the other party if they want you to listen, or, if they want you to make suggestions, or, if they really want a solution -?? This is called active, or, rather, intelligent listening.