Micro-Forecast: April 24 to 30, 2017

We have the second of three hard aspects between Saturn and Chiron this week on Sunday April 30. The first one of the three cycles were at the end of December 2016, the day President Obama told the Russian Embassies to leave the country immediately due to the hacking by the Russians. Who knows what this Saturn square Chiron will bring this time? Surely it might be harsh since both Saturn, a planet, and Chiron, a comet is part of a triumvirate of energies, which includes Uranus. Chiron orbits back and forth between Saturn (which has rules) and Uranus (which has none). It is supposed to be a bridge between the two and in its most positive manifestation can come up with hybrid solutions that coordinate wisdom along with insight. But since Uranus is missing in this equation, it might just be about wounding, rules and actions based on that combination.

Since there is a New Moon (new beginnings) at 6° Taurus 27′ on Wednesday April 26, I opt for a more civilized approach since the New Moon ruled by Venus, who is now direct, is a little bit more diplomatic in its expression and that New Moon is also moving into a very comfortable space with powerful Pluto. Venus returns to Aries on Friday April 28 so that should help with some new ideas and insights to make some of the issues needing discussion more palatable.