Micro-Forecast: April 10 to 16, 2017

This week begins with a full moon in Aries and Libra. Full moons usually heighten emotions and those effects last for a day or two. However, this full moon remains more active throughout the first five days of the week offering sudden out of the blue catastrophes or insights or opportunities depending on your attitude. Think positive rather than negative. There are surprises some of which maintain a bit of a chaotic up and down, so stay steady and defer judgment or response until your head gets clear.

The first few days have either the transiting sun in Aries or the transiting Moon in Libra tossing us back and forth between forward motion where we act, but then pulling back because we don’t want disruption. Since Uranus is in the mix, causing the opportunities as well as the surprises, strangers or people in your immediate community may come forward to help or offer alternative ways of approaching an issue. Uranus, often associated with ‘the stranger’ in astrology, can also put you in the right place at the right time, particularly if you’ve written down a goal or idea you have — even if you don’t have all the parts or pieces put together.

Uranus can also be distracting, charging the nervous system, so sleep often suffers. Sleep deprivation does not make for making good decisions. Pay attention to your driving (it isn’t always you, it may be them) and move at a pay which allows you to pay attention. If your intuition is telling you it is time to check the tires or the computers or anything else that has to do with technology, then it is a good idea to listen to that intuition and not put it off.

On Saturday, April 15, Venus is direct at 26° Pisces 55′, but until it really gets back to its original position on April 28, items on the agenda may feel as though they are slower than usual with some delays since Saturn is involved in the mix until then. Direct confrontations are possible, too, since these two usually don’t spare words — i.e. tact is not their best suit — but they still make the point of dealing with the resolution of any circumstance that has been brewing since early March, 2017. Gaining perspective is not easy, but this period offers a wonderful opportunity to do just that and open the doors to more constructive conversation and resolutions.

Highlight for this week: Jupiter is still in last quarter square to Pluto. Think before spending. Plan before acting.