Micro-Forecast: March 6 to 12, 2017

This is the first week of Venus retrograde. Retrogrades horrify the public because they think that everything is going to go to hell in a hand basket. And they may…Just kidding. But, the, maybe not… It really depends on your attitude. And your persistence when it comes to resolving relationships hanging out there in the stratosphere that need resolution. Since Venus is retrograde in Aries, one of the most impatient signs of the zodiac, it is very likely that the issue or idea of patience is key here. Sometimes certain markets decide to reverse direction during the time as do agreements which started out one way, but really need revamping.

Since we have a full moon coming up on Sunday March 12, the realization that a system, a foundation, a plan needs revamping is in the wind as well. That full moon in Virgo is on the same axis as Chiron and squaring Saturn so emotions run high and those not even as sensitive feel the push of emotions during this time. As far as investing, I always tell people to think twice, do your due diligence, then decide. Sometimes as Venus retrogrades we realize that the value of something — i.e. what we paid for something or our regard for someone — is challenged. Values are the big theme with Venus and when she is retrograde (until April 15) the price you pay may not be the real value of the item. Sometimes lovers or partners from the past show up with offers of love and devotion. Again, exercise caution when saying yes. Enjoy the moment, but take time to think ‘what if’.