Micro-Forecast: March 20 to 26, 2017

Lots going on as the week starts. First it is Spring Equinox starting at 3:29 AM Pacific Time and 6:29 AM on the East coast. Spring Equinox represents equal day and equal night and now the days become longer, and, hopefully, warmer. It is the first day of spring and is the window of opportunity to step out and do something that involves risk, something different or fresh in terms of your behavior. I find that when the Sun enters Aries (which it always does on Spring Equinox, that my brain clicks in a little better and the ‘mush’ of fuzzy thinking finds resolutions. Wherever the Sun enters Aries in your chart each year (and for those who understand astrology, whatever house of your chart the Sun rules) is where you get a shot in the arm beginning a more adventurous and positive direction for the next year. We call these Ingress charts in the business. Ingress charts denote the activity for the next year, particularly for the next quarter.

In looking at various places: Washington, D.C.; San Francisco, CA; Chicago, IL; the UK and even Sydney, Australia, it looks like Neptune (water, floods, creative imagination, viruses, oceans, wines, credit bubble issues to name a few of the symbols associated with Neptune) may be all over the news and reflect chaotic responses in the markets resulting from the above mentioned. I write these several weeks in advance, it is hard to tell exactly how this plays out, but one thing that seems obvious in all these charts is Saturn conjunct Moon.

The Moon represents the emotions and the people of the land and with Saturn, the feeling of the people is a more serious tone. A more serious outlook on life. It could be, too, that there is low inventory in housing (Saturn on Moon) or that an adjustment with monies and finances, rates go up, slowing home buying down, too. However, it is during this quarter where the Netherlands have elections and Article 50 is employed by the UK. This, too, could affect markets.

Key Thing to Remember: My suggestion is to always keep a list of companies in which you are interested on hand and watch these market moves because this year there are many swings in markets and psyches as Neptune is so strong in so many charts. Economists call it “animal spirits”. Mass thinking, hysteria, belief, panic, or, positive thinking adds to the volatility. So be prepared.