Micro-Forecast: March 13 to 19, 2017

In my opinion, and this is just an opinion, the fireworks kick in this week. Though complacency has been the norm since the Sun entered Pisces at the end of February, that is changing starting this week. Though Venus is still retrograde (until April 15) the week starts with Mercury entering fiery Aries. Blurting things out is what comes with Mercury in Aries. Markets can shift during cardinal entry points — up or down – as well. However, on Tuesday March 14 the Sun aligns itself with Chiron and just a few days later Friday March 17 (St. Patrick’s Day) it stresses Saturn. So, this lends itself to ‘a fish or cut bait’ type of week. Don’t eat or drink too much- Chiron has a way of getting you when you least expect it.

Are your negotiations stuck? Have your buyers or sellers stalled? Are you stuck in a project or stuck with the final form it will take that you don’t like? The good news is that this could be the week in which you figure out the problem, combining a more traditional approach with a less traditional application. Hybrid thinking is the order of the day allowing a more conservative and affordable approach while coming to a positive solution by the end of the weekend as Mercury and Venus inch up to each other. This is a good time to catch up and call those folks you love and care for but for whom you’ve been putting off that call.