Micro-Forecast: February 20 to 26, 2017

Early this week there are lovely aspects — in fact great ones — for conversing, conveying information, and editing because the planet of communications is passing over the eclipse degrees of February 10 helping speak the ideas that had shades of confusion. As the week begins, we have Presidents’ Day and Mercury, ideas are in a great aspect to Uranus, the innovator and the out of the box thinker. This energy follows through to Tuesday when quick moving Mercury is in a positive aspect to the planet of opportunity, Jupiter. Make hay while the sun shines on the first two days because Wednesday’s aspect where Mars (who reacts) is in a hard aspect to Pluto (often a control freak) suggests saying you will get back to them on Thursday. This buys some time to think about how you handle requests. There is support for this on Thursday as Mercury, communications is in a positive aspect to Saturn, rules and boundaries.

This is a good negotiating stance, but I’d still wait to sign on the dotted line until after Sunday’s Solar Eclipse at 8° Pisces 12′, which is the last in the series, which is often the one where all the issues of the last two years regarding giving too much, serving, details, health, and micro-managing come to a head. I would also say — everyone — watch your tempers and your driving this next weekend. When you get in that vehicle, think before turning the key and stay focused on the road and the other drivers. The last eclipse in a series is often packed full of the unresolved issues of the last two years and if they aren’t resolved over the next few weeks, they are resolved, if you set solid boundaries by late May 2017.