Micro-Forecast: February 13 to 19, 2017

This week I head over to Baltimore for the NCGR conference and am excited about seeing colleagues and friends whom I have not seen for a long time. It was at the last NCGR conference where I spoke in Philadelphia a few years ago, that I brought up the idea of the foundation Alexandria iBase Project, which has come to fruition as a 501C3 non-profit foundation with the mission of preserving astrological research, papers and books for future astrologers. This digitized project www.alexibase.org is the result of a collaboration between the Urania Trust in the United Kingdom, Starcycles, and help from Kepler College and individuals who see the need for this. With that said, I look forward to going back to the east coast to see the people who in that meeting spurred this on.

The week has a nice feel to it since we have Jupiter, good luck, still hanging out with Spica, that fixed star of good luck on the 15th. During this same time, we see the Sun in a nice aspect to Saturn, which allows us to get some ideas and work done, helping us focus as we move forward. On Thursday February 16, Mars (action, motivation) are in a nice aspect to Mercury (Communication), so this makes Thursday and Friday prime days for getting together with co-workers to plan.

Saturday, the Sun passes into Pisces and stays here for about four weeks. This year as the Sun passes through Pisces, there are some areas of challenge because as the Sun enters Pisces, it passes over Neptune right after that Solar Eclipse on February 26. Neptune is foggy in its expression and, again, the theme of what you believe you see intensifies during this time. Since this is also the time of the last quarter moon, it behooves all of us to take stock of what we say, how we respond, and, if you don’t know what to do, the last quarter moon is a great time to retreat and get all that stuff cleared off your desk, particularly those items you no longer need.