Micro-Forecast: January 9 to 15, 2017

Mercury is stationing direct tomorrow, so the energy is shifting in a more positive direction after the back and forth experiences of the holiday season. We are heading into a Full Moon on Thursday January 12 at 22º Cancer 27′ very near transit Uranus implying some big surprises particularly having to do with financial issues in the USA — whether it is stocks, or, investments, or interest rates, or a little roller coaster ride with the markets. Again, these are the moments for having a few investment things up your sleeve that you’ve researched prior to these moments of opportunity.

Other possible surprises are in the housing market — generally this is a great time of year to find a bargain in real estate as it still is winter in the Northern Hemisphere and it is during the mid-school year where people really don’t want to move. Since the Sun continues in Capricorn until later this month and it triggers Uranus two days before the full moon on Tuesday January 10, and Mercury is finishing in that Galactic Center degree (27º to 29º Sagittarius) mentioned in earlier forecasts, finding the perfect property or opportunity may come faster than you think. It may come through a friend, someone who knows you are looking, or hearing about an opportunity at coffee.

Mercury enters the more conservative sign of Capricorn which is a perfect time to put together those budgets or concrete plans for the next year — this may seem boring, but this is the perfect time for doing this. This occurs as transit Venus aligns with Neptune later the same day offering a softer and perhaps more romantic weekend or get together with those with whom you couldn’t see during the fast-moving holiday season.