Micro-Forecast: January 30 to February 5, 2017

There is no question about the next few years which show a need for thinking ahead, planning ahead, in a way stocking our psychic shelves with good mental food, reasoning, and thoughtfulness as well as stocking our shelves with the real deal — canned goods and making budgets. Saturn is about what do you NEED versus what do you WANT? There is a big difference. This week’s New Moon in Aquarius and positive aspect to Mars ends the tensions of the last few weeks. Over the course of the next few weeks, Mars, motivation and energy, moves into Aries, which is a fire sign and works well with the Aquarian air, which feeds it. Aquarian air is more objective, more adept at looking at the macroscopic view versus the microscopic view, more innovative and allows us to think outside of the box that encloses us. New ideas in the news such as Amazon starting to go into the filmmaking business, flood the news. The contrast with what is restrictive versus what isn’t is the basis for new ideas regarding every industry, particularly the health services industries, the water preservation and infrastructure industry, new types of travel devices such as electric bikes are part of the landscape of the new year.

Purchasing those types of items may be on the books for many of you. However, let me caution the value of those purchases — at least for now — as Venus is beginning to slow in her movement in the skies and in early March stations to go retrograde until middle April. Venus retrograde is the signature of the disgruntled customer, as Jessica Shepherd, another speaker at the annual forecast talk, stated. Venus enters Aries at the end of this week heading into next and that type of personality may seem to be more prevalent during the retrograde period. Venus retrogrades are about values — we aren’t officially in that position yet, but in your own lives and in the news, those issues will be most prevalent. Ask yourself the question of what you most value during this period and how those values may need a review over the course of the next few weeks.