Micro-Forecast: January 23 to 29, 2017

My weekly insights are written prior to the weeks when you, my readers, explore them. In the case of this week, a few days after the recent US Inauguration, I really don’t have any new information, but looking at the transits the weeks ahead I am making comments. Obviously, Mercury just went direct at the Galactic Center on Sunday January 8 (the day I presented a live presentation at San Francisco Astrological Society, but more on that later). The Galactic Center is the last degrees of Sagittarius and falls at the midpoint between the arrow being shot by the constellation of Sagittarius directly into the heart of the constellation known as Scorpius. The heart of the Scorpion is known as Antares and is one of the four royal stars — powerful points of access in the zodiac.

Whenever we see planets heading towards or over the 27th to the 29th degree of Sagittarius, where Saturn the rule makers dances throughout 2017, we see sudden twists and turns of ideas, events, news, and anything can happen at a moment’s notice. Time speeds up — and with Saturn (ruling time, business, contraction, regulation, government, conservative thinking) dancing back and forth at these degrees particularly as we approach the first week of August, again — anything can happen, can change. So with that said, it is very difficult to ‘predict’ if there is such an ability as to what might happen.

However, there were lots of things that I ‘saw’ when I presented that forecast talk just a couple of weeks ago. One of the things I saw was the global movement towards rule making, rule breaking, and the need (doesn’t mean people will do this) for more civility as Saturn is a more serious thinker who expects each of us to take responsibility for our actions. Saturn was often considered to be the god who brought order out of chaos — as he was the one who destroyed his father, Uranus, the original god of chaos whose unbridled actions required a checkpoint. The thing to remember here is that Saturn is the planet of Karma. As we move into this heavy cycle, the issue of taking responsibility for our actions is up. Saturn is also the planet that rules what we think is limited, when, in fact, it is our perception of limitation that is challenged with Saturn. In the last few weeks, such companies as Volkswagen, executives from Taketa airbags and others are called home by Saturn. So, remember — what goes around, comes around, either now or later.

I also ‘saw’ in most of the Ingress charts for this year (including the Winter Solstice chart for December 2016), that in most of the charts, Neptune was at the Rising Sign, the birth moment of the chart, for Washington D.C. So, I had to think what does that mean. Neptune has a bad reputation for being dodgy, foggy, but it also has the most powerful ability to create what the mind feels or sees! In other words, believing a certain way so intensely, with underlying fears (that Saturn I mentioned above), can create more problems than necessary.

I am not a Pollyanna that the opinion about ‘how’ things are being very split, but my concern is with Neptune at the ascending position is that a massive uprising based on thoughts (not yet materialized) that are filled with hate, anger and extreme rebellion will, in fact, create the worst outcomes and increase negativity so that no progress is made at all and, instead, we descend into an even darker place. The power of the word and the power of the mind are Neptune’s vehicles of expression.

No one knows, really, what this new administration will do, because it hasn’t even started at this writing, but, I do know, that sometimes we can be surprised. Sometimes bad people do good things AND good people do bad things. It goes both ways.

We are still a democracy which has, at its core, the tenet of free speech and my fear (something I am working on as well) is that those opposing the upcoming administration exercising high levels of extreme messages of hate and intolerance have the potential to become the very bullies which they are fighting against!

Disallowing any possibility of free speech or thought in conversations because one does not agree with the larger majorities is the start of a type of Fascism too, but in reverse as expressed in the press. I may lose a few readers by saying this, but it is something that needs saying looking at these new year charts. A warning, perhaps, that we have a choice to go one way or the other in 2017.

Being frightened or afraid of having a conversation with someone who holds opposing views, forces people to do one of two things: 1) retreat because they are fearful that their property or their life will be threatened so they shut down. Or 2) Fighting back which could lead to repercussions resulting in violence in an environment already at peak levels of psychic anxiety! Either way, this is the beginning of dismemberment in society and of democracy (Neptune) and this is the challenge of Neptune (which rules tidal waves, storms, and, frankly, madness) highlighted in most Ingress charts for late 2016 and going through 2017. These were just a few of the ideas which I touched upon in my forecast for SFAS on January 8. If anyone is interested in that lecture, there is a PowerPoint that is available as well as a live recording of my presentation.

No one wants to be estranged from lifelong friends, their community, their neighborhoods or their jobs because they disagree or think differently. And, many, in fact, have had that exact experience. The current rhetoric of hate and intolerance (on both sides) is when Neptune expresses in the negative because it feeds on the worry and the insanity. Going into this new year, let’s think about that. Let’s listen to opposing views, ask questions, get the facts and not the information from the many news feeds that are designed to grab demographics rather than present unbiased information or be caught up in the hysteria of massive marches and movements where things, frankly, can go awry. Peaceful protests are the way to go. Here is an interesting perspective: If someone is marching in support of the new administration and its policies, would they be allowed the same civil liberties of peaceful protest? Ponder on that one.