Micro-Forecast: January 2 to 8, 2017

Mars, the planet of motivation, has been in the sign of Pisces since December 19 and last night crossed over Neptune, which should, over the course of the next few days feel as though a veil is lifted as Mars moves past dreamy Neptune. Anytime a slower planet conjuncts another slower planet, the weeks before feel as though something is coming, but one cannot put their finger on it. Once that alignment takes place (a conjunction) it operates likes a New Moon which is always the starting point of a cycle. An alignment of Mars and Neptune can often signify the moment that one wishes to align themselves with faith, inspiration, or an ideology. There is a lot of that going on around the world — some good and a lot very bad, depending upon the ideology.

I looked at three different locations for this alignment: London, New York and the San Francisco Bay Area. In London, the alignment took place in the third house of public transportation, railroad systems and various forms of communications. In New York, it took place in the fifth house of entertainment — remember the Big Ball in Times Square — as well as any public celebration facility and in the San Francisco Bay Area this occurs in the sixth house of public health issues (anybody get flu this season?), as well as unions, systems that run other systems, food services and food supply. Mars triggers some unforeseen changes in these areas — again some good and some bad, because shortly after this conjunction it heads towards Chiron in mid-January just before the inauguration.

However, the other implication of this alignment is inspirational, creative, and the capacity for tapping into a larger sphere of spiritual access like the annual world meditation that took place for several years on December 31 at different times around the world, considerably reducing crime in the weeks that followed. As human beings, we have choices as to which road to take — the higher or the lower. During this week as the new year begins — do your own private centering exercises — this sets the tone for a much more fruitful and satisfying year. Happy New Year and Blessings to all of us.

I am one of the presenters for the forecast for the new year at next Sunday’s meeting in San Francisco at the Women’s Center on Mission Street for San Francisco Astrological Society. One of three presenters, my co presenters are Jessica Shepherd and my old friend, Steve Pincus, who is a Uranian astrologer. Presentations are between 2 pm and 7 pm on Sunday January 8.

Each of us has 75 minutes in which to present. For more information on that event contact Ian Waisler, ianwaisler@gmail.com