Micro-Forecast: January 16 to 22, 2017

Lots of planets are in Pisces this month which offer a softening effect for the planets in Capricorn. The continuing stress may be because Saturn requiring a responsible approach to achieving one’s vision may continually collide with transiting Chiron which remains in Pisces for at least another year. This ongoing stress aspect asks each person to release old emotional patterns that keep getting in the way of progress. The ability to face and see those past hurts in a new light is key in the transformative process. Stepping out of the angst of the pain of those patterns, be that personal or global, allows for a greater understanding leading in a more mature understanding that nothing is black or white. There is a heightened sensitivity with this combination and as we move into the week that include the USA inauguration of a new president, this is particularly important.

On Thursday January 20, 2017 at Noon in Washington, D.C. is he USA inauguration which is when the Sun passes into the sign of Aquarius each year. The Sun in early degrees of Aquarius is on the fixed star of Altair, the Eagle, which is the higher octave of the sign of Scorpio, asking for a larger perspective for change. Aquarius is the sign of the rebel, the one that thinks outside the box, the radical, radical views as well as the sign of dictators as well as those that work together in community. These are two very opposite possibilities that, again, are a choice. The ‘eagle’ is the animal that flies the highest and has the clearest view. Stepping out of fixed notions and working as a group or a cohesive organization solves problems. Again, the choice is there to re-invent old ways moving them into unchartered territories.

The inauguration chart has Taurus rising ruled by Venus which is in a perfect aspect that day to Pluto, the ruler of the seventh house of other people and open enemies as well as partners suggesting that the possibility of new partnerships for growth are possible if compromise and cooperation are engaged. Again-choice. This aspect offers the opportunity to improve one’s ‘relationship skills’ if one chooses that road.

Also, interesting about this chart is that there are many planets in Pisces in the 11th house of goals, friends who can help with goals, and a support system for the named leader. In Pisces suggests the possibility for a new vision, but we have Chiron there as well suggesting that there will be several trip ups while getting to that goal. Chiron is often referred to as the ‘wounded healer’ but is also the planet that incorporates both old conservative views with newer, outside the box liberal solutions. It is considered a ‘bridge’ between both worlds and to cross that bridge, one must walk carefully. Further on in the spring Uranus, the awakener and the planet that must do with the bigger projects will be in a positive aspect to Saturn, which represents building — it could very likely that railroads or a similar type of fast ground transport system will begin implementation and which will be necessary if infrastructure improvement becomes a main goal. You can’t transport heavy things across large spans of land without a solid rail system!