Micro-Forecast: December 26, 2016 to January 1, 2017

This could feel like a ‘break out’ week as transit Jupiter opposes transit Uranus (like a full moon transit, where something must go). This gets triggered on Monday December 26, so if you are out and about on Boxing Day, do be careful with your driving as this can also be a skittish transit. Sometimes the markets swing back and forth on this extreme degree, providing moments of opportunity, but only if one is prepared to get in and get out at the very correct moment. Monday is also the day that Pallas Athena (goddess of wisdom, strategy and consult) finishes up in Aquarius preparing to enter the more mystical and intuitive sign of Pisces on Tuesday December 27 at 4:21 AM Pacific Time.

I watch these shifts of Pallas Athena (an asteroid and not a planet) because the other side of Pallas Athena, often unknown, is that she was a weaver. A weaver can weave fabrics, textiles, and stories so for the next few weeks as Pallas moves closer and closer to Neptune, be aware that some stories in the news media may not be the entire story. They may be woven to align with the media view. That idea along with the fact that Mercury is still retrograde bears watching and further examination before making decisions and achieving some sort of clarity.

The New Moon on Wednesday, December 28 at 7º Capricorn 59′ passed Mercury a few hours earlier and heads towards Pluto in the next day. Consider the following days as the ‘seed’ moment of something new or clarity regarding a direction but which requires one more insight or piece of information. That insight suddenly arrives via a friend, something you read, or hear as Uranus goes direct on Thursday December 29, 2016 at 20º Aries 33′ early that morning on the Pacific Coast. The reality that you need to know more education may be part of this process. Whatever the choice, the new direction is set in motion, but you may not see it for a few more weeks.