Micro-Forecast: December 19 to 25, 2016

This is usually the week that we all head out for the holidays and begin pulling inwards since the Winter Solstice starts on December 21, 2016 at 2:44 AM Pacific Time (5:44 AM Eastern Time). This is the shortest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere and a time for introspection and reassessment of our year and of our life. It is also the point of conception for the new year which begins at Spring Equinox in late March. It is important to mindfully review what we wish to accomplish in the next year and to set the plans in motion or at least think about the whys and the how’s of that process as we move into this season.

Making decisions could be delayed, however, as Mercury also begins its last retrograde of the year on Monday December 19 at 15º Capricorn at 2:55 AM Pacific Time (5:55 AM Eastern Time). I know that “Mercury Retrograde” often sends chills up many spines, but it isn’t supposed to. It is a time when we get the chance to review the plans we’ve been ‘thinking about’ in the last few weeks and finesse them so that when it goes direct, we have a new direction. Mercury goes direct on January 8 at 28º Sagittarius 50′, which is an intense degree of the zodiac and one, frankly, that is uncomfortable since it falls at the Galactic Center.

First a little about the Galactic Center, since that degree is ignited several times throughout the coming year. Saturn heads over that same degree in 2017 between February and June and then back again between November and December 2017. That is a lot of time – thus turmoil that brings change and new directions is the result. The Galactic Center is between 26º and 29º Sagittarius. Historically, when planets move through this degree, things speed up at a lightning pace — often difficult for the human mind to embrace. An example is in 1987 when several planets were traveling through that degree, we had a market crash, countries began to change shape (remember Glasnost in the late 1980s?), and technology emerged quite amazingly during that time-we moved from large clumsy cell phones to the tiny handheld phones of today. Things moved fast!

This is the nature of this degree, an almost manic energy, where the input coming in from every direction cannot be sorted properly and things fall where they may. Bottom line — it is a degree reflective of quicksilver change. So, when Mercury begins its retrograde on Monday, and heads towards that degree and going direct on January 8, the insights you receive to change will be there, but it takes an entire year of assimilation and adaptation for a new direction, so be patient and try to do something to ground yourself daily and stay in balance.