Micro-Forecast: November 7 to 13, 2016

Monday, November 7 begins with a second quarter moon in Aquarius, the same Moon that the USA has in its Declaration of Independence chart. The weird thing about this is that on Tuesday, November 8, at 5:54 AM Pacific Time, which translates to 8:54 AM Eastern Time, is that the Moon then is what we call Void of Course until 1:45 PM Pacific Time and 4:45 PM Eastern Time. That is about a seven-hour gap where the Moon is out of whack, which often suggests nothing is happening. In addition, Mars, which is the motivating planet, is also Void of Course all day, until 9:51 PM Pacific Time when it enters Aquarius.

Is it at all possible that people will just decide not to show up, to vote? I can’t believe that. Or, is it possible that what seems like one result earlier in the day ends up being another result late into the night? Or, are certain ballots lost, does the power go out, do people not show up on time at polling places or do they get caught up in traffic jams keeping them from voting? Heck, when I see aspects like this I think they should definitely have an astrologer on board to help plan things, including maybe making this second Tuesday of November rule a bit more flexibleJ

I am trying to lighten things up. With last week’s forecast of that Saturn/Pluto solstice point operating, there could be so many more surprises by the end of this week after the election, since the end of the week going into the first of next week, happens to be the 90-day action period after the August 18 eclipse at 25ยบ Aquarius on the USA Moon-ruling such things as women, food, security, real estate, and the general emotional temperament of the people.

These 90-day periods after the eclipse periods light up things that we sensed when the eclipse was directly hitting, but which aren’t usually seen clearly until the 90-day after period arrives. Much like the blind spot which suddenly becomes visible — this is what this week is about. Whatever the results, the markets may be affected over the course of the next six weeks, as we have two more periods of 90-day segments (which you can see in our 2016 cheat sheet and which are also indicated at our 2017 cheat sheet available at our website-forgive the plug!) Those other dates start around November 26 and then again on December 11, 2016.

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