Micro-Forecast: October 3 to 9, 2016

Over the course of the next two weeks, the Sun entered Libra. Last week’s New Moon, at 8ยบ Libra first occurred and now the Sun heads into an opposition with chaotic Uranus. Hopefully, some of decisions made during that New Moon make this challenge a bit easier. In the news, things may be heating up as we draw closer to US elections and a sense of discomfort and unease is pervasive. I think it is important to stay cool during heated discussions. As news of markets begin showing a few kinks in the armor, again, stay cool, assess, and make some pre-emptive decisions about your next move. It is quite possible that surprises, as well as excitement, will occur at the full moon on Saturday, October 15, and the week that follows.

I haven’t said much about the fact that transiting Jupiter is in Libra right now. Perhaps, since the Sun is in mid-degrees of Libra, this is the time in which to do so. In my previously published book, Business Astrology 101, Weaving the Web Between Business and Myth, I wrote extensively about my opinion of how Libra is represented by the goddess Pallas Athena. Pallas Athena was considered to be the wisdom goddess. She was known to be a strategist and if she believed in your cause she provided you with the tools in which to be successful. She can also be ruthless, judgmental and intolerant of those who lack planning, or, strategy. She has two sides like the sword she holds. Her bird is the owl, and she has a shield that reflects whatever it focuses upon.

In a recent statistical study by Michael Bergen who wrote The Astrology Code, his research indicated that the sign of Libra is probably the most intellectual of all the air signs and I’ve always agreed with that. It is most objective and is a sign most found in those who work in the area of social justice. Since Jupiter has now entered Libra and traveling through Libra for one more year, those issues will be on the table. Jupiter, as a planetary influence, also represents over doing or over indulgence, things Pallas weighs in her scales when delivering justice. She can be very cold when she does this.

In mid-November, Jupiter and Pluto are at adverse distances to each other, aspecting closer and closer to each other from this day forward, meaning the personal as well as business choices we make now are equally weighed with heavy responsibility. This is not a problem, but be aware. Nothing is free, particularly in this business climate. The choices we make this year are carried into the next few years until the USA has its Pluto return in 2022 as mentioned in an earlier post this year on August 22.