Micro-Forecast: October 24 to 30, 2016

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned the upcoming alignment between pleasure seeking Venus and rule-oriented Saturn. Saturday, at 5:45 PM Pacific Time, they come together. This is also the day before the New Moon (new beginnings) at 7ยบ Scorpio 44′ and this is very close to Mercury, the wheeler dealer planet of contracts and negotiations, as well as Neptune, which is what you’ve been envisioning. If you’ve shored up your courage as suggested earlier in the month, there is an opportunity to get what you want and, more precisely, need. You see the ‘light’ regarding this choice sometime in mid-week as Venus in Sagittarius (luck) and Jupiter (more luck) are in a great aspect to each other at 8:19 AM Pacific Time, Wednesday morning.

On Thursday, October 27, the Sun lines up with Mercury, which is very good for markets, but is also good because the two always remind me of a lightbulb going off in a cartoon. An idea, a concept, usually emerges within a few days after the conjunction. This occurs late on Friday, October 28, when Mars (planet of motivation pushes Uranus (the rebel) for a change and a new approach to an old way of doing things. This is also an aspect where you do have to watch your driving-so it is suggested that you watch anything that you drive in terms of its mechanics-bicycles, motorcycles, cars or trucks. Pay attention!

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