Micro-Forecast: October 17 to 23, 2016

Lots happens in the weeks between the full moon and the last quarter moon. This is what we call the disseminating moon period, where information that has been released is sorted out. Some is used and some isn’t. As the week begins, transit Venus is finishing in Scorpio on Monday, October 17. On Tuesday, Venus enters Sagittarius just a little after midnight Pacific Time. Venus in Sagittarius usually has a much lighter energy. It likes to experiment, travel, and tends towards the more exotic of tastes. This next few weeks may be a little more toned down than usual as Saturn (perceived limitation) is still in Sagittarius until the end of 2017.

Venus with Saturn suggests the issue of duty over pleasure, or working at something that gives you pleasure, but requires discipline and effort. Guided tours that keep tourists informed but also incorporate a sense of adventure is a perfect mix for these two. This is also a combo that asks us to look at our primary relationships. If corrections are due, sort them out by the time the aspect is official, around October 29-it is always best to be prepared.

This means that sometime around mid-week, when Mars and Pluto align, you have to make some choices, take a calculated risk, make a decision based on pros and cons, then act. It is not an easy aspect, but this is where your intuition is of great help on the same day and throughout the week. Too many times we ignore our intuition. We ignore the red flags that come up-which usually mean no. We also ignore the ‘butterflies’ in our stomachs that might signal something good because we let our heads get in the way of a decision.

With the Sun finishing its run in Libra and entering Scorpio on Saturday, October 22, at 4:46 PM Pacific Time, you are clearer about getting off the fence and going forward and making a decision. Sunday is when Jupiter, good luck, and the Moon are in a great aspect, taking you to the next week, just after the last quarter moon on Saturday, October 22. It is time to pack up the month and move forward as Monday sees Mercury entering Scorpio at 1:46 PM Pacific Time.

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