Micro-Forecast: October 10 to 16, 2016

A couple of weeks ago, I shared one of Thomas Moore’s quotes from his book, Care of the Soul. I promised that I would share the second gem and here it is:

“The relationship between work and money carries so much fantasy that it is both a burden and an extraordinary opportunity. We may respond to feelings surrounding money either by shunning its power or by making it our only concern. An alternative is to enter into the particular fantasies that money gives us and see what messages they offer.” As you can see from Moore’s writings, he has a very fresh take on the idea of money and its idea as more of a fluid medium in which many things can take place with its right use. There are also different types of currency. One is emotional currency. Money certainly does help us achieve some of the things we want but it doesn’t just show up, it comes from honest and straightforward effort. Emotional currency comes from that same type of honest and straightforward effort as a return for good deeds.

We all remember our parents telling us, ‘money doesn’t grow on trees’. This warning was to not spend more than was earned, at least that is one of my memories. The question is, how does money grow? In a course I took many years ago with the Lambton Group, I learned a very valuable lesson about money. It didn’t matter how much you made, it was how you managed it. Like having a beautiful garden, but each year you keep back a few seeds from that garden so you have something with which to start a new garden the following year. You save money not having to purchase seeds and create the quality garden you want, which is the result of your excellent cultivation.

In this fascinating course, another valuable lesson was the information regarding asking for things, like deals and discounts, and building confidence or getting training in negotiation. Always ask because there is a 50/50 chance you will receive a yes! You will never know unless you ask. Money is really about value. We need to value ourselves, too. With all of these planets transiting Libra, the opposite sign of Aries, which has no problem thinking about itself, we should incorporate Aries’ ability to exhibit courage and ask as if they were the main character in the play!

This week I am presenting a workshop and a lecture at the 2016 ISAR conference at Costa Mesa, CA. Click here for more details. As the week comes to an end, on Friday October 15, we have a full moon at 23ÂșAries next to Uranus. So, this is a perfect opportunity to wake up (Uranus) and ask for something for yourself (Aries). This full moon is about inviting in Libra’s shadow, Aries, and stepping up with courage and purposefulness for something that is pioneering!