Micro-Forecast: September 26 to October 2, 2016

In going through some old notes, I found a calendar designed and written by Thomas Moore, author of Care of the Soul. In light of Pluto turning direct on the 26th, the fact we’ve finished three very intense eclipses, and are heading into October, Market fluctuations territory, I’d like to share this from Care of the Soul:

“With regard to money’s shadow [remember that Pluto IS the shadow], it’s important to be neither moralistic nor literal. For example, the pleasure of hoarding can be seen as an archetypal quality of money itself, which becomes soul-denying only when it is the only way we deal with money.”

I loved Moore’s definition because what he is saying is that the issue of money, having money, not having money, holding it or spending it, is really not the issue. In fact, the issue is that it is simply an energy that remains consistently fluid. On Monday, as Pluto goes direct this week at 14º Capricorn 55′ at 8:01 AM, and choices begin to become very clear, we face changes we must make because Pluto is either/or, this or that, black or white, yes or no. We realize letting go, not becoming too greedy and giving what we can, is in perfect alignment with the times. This is particularly true since the week begins with the unpredictable Uranus in a hard aspect to Vesta, an asteroid, that has to do with investments. (This was mentioned at the end of last week’s writings). It is roller coaster time from now to end of the year so don’t hold on too tightly and think before you act.

In addition, since Friday, September 30, is the New Moon 8º Libra 15′ and is aligned with protective and fortunate Jupiter, there is a level of protection for the ethical. Sometimes it is braver to do the right thing rather than not do anything at all. As Saturday, October 1, arrives (happy birthday to my son, Gus!), transit Venus in Scorpio is in perfect alignment with transit Neptune in Pisces. This is wonderful for a romantic interlude, a day at a museum, a day to pull out those brushes and paint-either a canvas or a house-and start your own personal version of transformation.

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