Freedom versus Responsibility–An Equation??

I have been traveling a lot these last few months — thus the delay in putting out this column, but I must admit that, in fact, it has been difficult wrapping my head around the news, the transits, the cycles, because so much is happening at the same time. It feels like a three-ring circus with jugglers, lions, tigers, bears, trapeze artists, you name it. I could attribute this to the culminating final two squares between Uranus and Pluto of which much has been written, but somehow that didn’t feel like the entire story. So rather than writing anything, I waited until I had a better handle on some of the new cycles that began at the end of last year.

One of them is, of course, the ingress of Saturn into Sagittarius last December, something that only happens about every 29.5 years and is, in fact, a very different energy package than the presiding Saturn in Scorpio of the last 3 years. It is far less jammed up than Saturn in Scorpio, which allows for movement, but by the same token, it also is an ‘in your face’ reality check about truth versus belief, freedom versus responsibility, and careful expression versus unfiltered spouting without thought of repercussions. And to qualify that last remark, I absolutely believe in freedom of speech, one of the most endearing of our freedoms.

Saturn after hanging out in Sagittarius for a few months is about to retrograde on March 14…just a couple days before the last square between Uranus Pluto square. This chaotic cycle which began in June 2013 is coming to a head as Saturn retrogrades. Retrogrades are about ‘thinking’ about all of the issues mentioned. Revelations in the news such as today’s news regarding the private emails of Hillary Clinton and whether or not they were legal (a fine line for sure since in truth they were — but were they??). Such are the issues of Saturn passing through Sagittarius.

I could spend a great deal of time discussing the tragic shooting on January 7, 2015 taking place in Paris at the Charlie Hebdo headquarters, whose journalists were shot point blank by angry terrorists. I could spend a lot of time discussing how that date was approximately 90 days after the October 8 eclipse at middle degrees of Aries and Libra conjunct transit Uranus in Aries and squaring transiting Pluto and how the full moon at 14° Cancer and Capricorn was the perfect trigger for such a catastrophic event. I could even discuss how in 1970 Charlie Hebdo began and continued through 1981 as a weekly French satirical publication that blasts all kinds of belief systems, religions, politics. It was subsequently closed down right before the Saturn Jupiter conjunction in Libra in late 1981 to early 1982, and then re-opened, interestingly enough, in 1992, at the Uranus/Neptune conjunction at about 19 Capricorn. Currently, its tragedy is all over the news as the transiting Uranus Pluto inches closer to the 19th degree of Cardinal bringing up all types of thought on ‘freedom of speech’, which is the true crux of this article.

With Saturn in Sagittarius, the issues of freedom versus the issues of ultimate and insured freedom must include levels of responsibility

often ignored. This is the question over the course of the next two and one half years. All over the world, this issue of freedom of speech is seen as countries open up and shut down various news mediums. Contrasting the Charlie Hebdo determination for freedom of speech, Russia is now limiting foreign news media to only a 20% ownership of all domestic television stations. In line with this, CNN halted broadcasting in Russia because of this new limitation very recently. This is just one example.

Other issues of freedom and choice are seen in the attitude of people with regard to the recent outbreak of measles in the USA. Since January 1, 2015, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed 84 measles cases in 14 states. California’s health department, which is updating a measles count more frequently, has found more than 90 cases in the United States and Mexico so far, with 52 linked to the Disneyland (California) outbreak of recent days. ( The increase in the outbreak is attributed to many parents refusing to vaccinate their children because of the toxins they fear will damage their children’s health and bodies. Some attribute this belief to a connection made a few years ago that vaccines are one of the causes of autism, which is on the increase. However, in speaking to a trained health professional in Australia a few years ago, this was considered to be an old wives tale because what was really happening was that an increase in Mercury in the environment in general may also be the cause of autism (another theory, which he was researching on a grant as he came to America). The point, however, is that there is an issue here of freedom. Yes, we want freedom of choice, but what responsibility do we take for the consequences of our actions? If a parent refuses to vaccinate their child, then sends their child to a public school or park or place, it is quite possible that if that child is carrying the disease, he or she will infect those around him that are vulnerable — those that have not been immunized. Or worse, they can infect little babies who cannot be immunized because they are too young. When this happens, serious cases of encephalitis arise. The irony is that we vaccinate our animals by laws that are in place, but what about the laws that are in place with regard to inoculation for prevention of disease?

This article is not a judgment as to whether or not you are right or wrong in vaccinating your children, but meant as a thought provoking piece with regard to one’s self-responsibility aligned with personal freedom as the transit of Saturn in Sagittarius continues in square to Neptune in Pisces throughout this year and next. Neptune is often attributed to viral type diseases as well as some blood diseases and with the recent increase in pneumonia and extreme bronchial colds, the Saturn square Neptune is already operational not only with the above mentioned diseases, but could be a harbinger of epidemics.

William H. McNeill wrote an intriguing book many years ago entitled, “Plagues and Peoples”. His thesis was that the world changed — i.e. the populations and cultures- not because of financial changes, but because of the outbreak of plagues that changed populations to the point where massive exoduses occurred. As stated in his book, “Opportunities for transfer from one host to another multiply with increased human density, so that, if and when a critical threshold is surpassed, infection can suddenly develop into runaway hyper-infection.” We can witness the recent increase in deaths with the outbreak of Ebola in West Africa, whose disease was like a runaway train and where an antibody is being developed to reduce future risks. So the question is, do we want to see polio return (I do remember Iron Lungs in my childhood neighborhood growing up), or, measles, mumps, whooping cough, you name it? Those who have not seen these diseases first hand would shutter at what can happen if you are the unlucky one who gets the disease. If we want the freedom to choose, then what are we willing to do to remediate the choice and not affect others? Will we home school our children? Will we let others know if our children aren’t vaccinated, or, do we go in with blind faith that ‘our’ child will not ‘get’ that disease? Freedom is great Sagittarius), but with it comes the need for responsibility (Saturn)

When we review the issue of freedom of choice, of speech, of movement, of thought, and of actions, what are the ramifications of choices made that are only to our advantage without consideration of others? And on the other side of the coin, how much do we not say, not do, not take action upon that also affects the greater population? There are no real answers, but there are many questions.