Heroes & Heroines

originally published April 23, 2013 on MichaelLutin.com, with added commentary from April 2014

Here’s to the heroes and heroines, risk takers and optimists. Here’s to those who fall down, get up and keep going. Kudos to those knowing how to help and to those who don’t have a clue, but do it anyway. Congratulations to those who step up when they usually don’t. Bravo, thank you and well done.

When we showed up on the planet in this form called life, no one said it was easy. They didn’t give you a manual on how to run your life and everyone had to figure it out regardless of circumstances. And in the end there is no guarantee on how anyone turns out. Sometimes the worst circumstances create the greatest human beings and the best circumstances beget the worst individuals. This will never be perfect world, but within all of us there is a perfection yearning to come out. How connected we are to something greater than the Self has a lot to do with how perfection emerges and the place it starts is from the heart.

The events of the last weeks and the last months reflect the above comments. For me, personally, I’m coming back from another personal loss in my life, the loss of my dear father, who has always been an inspiration and with much help and support and heart am slowly stepping out again. For those who are directly or indirectly affected by the more horrific events in Boston and other American cities, the above also holds true. Reconnecting with heart can take us far as we move through this very difficult time.

On today’s news, I heard an incredible statistic that in just the last two weeks a fund has been raised for the Boston victims tallying to some $20 million dollars! From both companies and private citizens, this is an amazing number. The same idea germinated in the Newton, Connecticut tragedy but the ‘form’ of those donations is still being tweaked so that victims of that specific tragedy are still moving through the logistics. The upshot of all this chaos (and it is chaos) is that there is now an idea forming of a National Compassion Fund! Yes, right from the news just this morning, April 24, on the eve of tomorrow’s Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.

This eclipse and the subsequent two others on May 9 and then May 25 are signals in the road for changes around letting go of old, outworn values in order for a greater transformation to change. Our challenge is to take what is bad and make something good out of it. Sometimes that happens when we find ourselves walking through fire, Tomorrow’s eclipse is in the zone of what we astrologers call the Via Combusta, or, the Fiery Way!

This is the portion of the tropical zodiac that falls between 15° Libra and 15° Scorpio. Most people watch as the Moon lands in this each month, or, is found in a natal chart. However, other planets passing through this portion of the zodiac teach all of us to walk through fire by changing our perspective and our thinking. Years ago there were many programs coming up where people learned to walk on fire after an intense training engaging their minds over their matter.

One of the challenges of the current cycle forces a heightened awareness and vigilance, which isn’t necessarily comfortable. But at the same time it forces a greater awareness, tolerance, motivation to help like those heroes and heroines of recent weeks. Something inside calls the hero home. Out of limitation, fear, darkness, comes a doorway leading to, as someone said, ‘an unwilling passage’. The choice is yours. Pluto rules Scorpio because it rules choice….do you want to go where there is dark and find light regardless of what price you pay, or, do you move further into loneliness and darkness? Choice is always ours.

When a challenging planet like Saturn passes through these degrees of the zodiac accompanied, in this case, by some of the eclipses of 2013 and 2014, then there is no recourse but to face those shadows. As Alice Howell said in her wonderful book, Jungian Symbolism and Astrology, when referring to Pluto (Scorpio). What would have really happened if, in fact, in the story of Sleeping Beauty, the parents had invited the bad witch to the party along with all the good fairies of the kingdom? Would she have cursed the child to die, or, would she have been less deadly because she was invited?

Think about this over the course of the next few months as the eclipses begin traveling through this very important and life changing passage for individuals, companies, and countries. Do you walk through the unlit passage of your consciousness or conscience, or, do you retreat deeper into a cave of isolation? Do we ban together creating positive visions that are greater than the self, or, just retreat into the same old, same old? How will you invite your ‘bad witch to the party’? unfold 90days later on in late July, early and late August of 2013 as well as October 18 and November by a series of eclipses which always show the ‘shadow’ of society, this presents an opportunity to find the light in the darkness like those who are banning together at the present time to help the victims of the very recent city tragedies throughout the USA. Lots of questions arise around things like insurance (Scorpio rules insurance) and how health insurance covers unexpected things as loss of limbs — which are climbing in greater numbers with the war in Iraq, Afghanistan and now, Boston. Prosthetics are often the last thing insurance companies cover — but now they have to face it where they continue through late November 2013 and where could also be found between November 1981 to November 1984.

From an astrological standpoint, Via Combusta, is the tropical degree pattern between 15° Libra and 15°Scorpio, where Saturn, the planet of perceived limitation is traveling until the end of 2013. Saturn in Scorpio for everyone is the fear of being vulnerable, of being abandoned, of being left, of not trusting and not asking for help in the hopes of self-preservation. The events of the last few weeks and months illustrate that struggle in all of us as we move through unexpected life events that can either tear up our souls or strengthen them.

The Friday before the Boston Marathon catastrophe, Pluto went retrograde (appears to be going backwards) at a degree that is very close to the USA Sun sign, which is at 13 Cancer 01′. Pluto was very close to that Sun Sign (Pluto: 11° Capricorn 35′), but not exact as yet.

The influence of a retrograde Pluto happening close to three consecutive eclipses happening on April 25, May 9 and May 24…turn our thoughts to where we are stuck, fearful, and need to take some sort of heroic action for change. Looking at the dark part, the part that isn’t working in ourselves, our businesses or business practices, our friendships, our families and communities and network associations, takes courage. With Mars, the archetypal warrior, very close to the eclipse degree (5° Scorpio and 5° Taurus) of April 25, action separates us from the past and moves us into the future.

Years ago when I taught Storytelling and Myth, I often referred to one of my mentors, Wendy Ashley, who wrote a great deal on the wounding indicators of Mars. In Joseph Campbell’s work on the Heroes Journey he also spoke about how the warrior energy separates the individual from the clan, the tribe and they are thrust into the jungle alone and face the dragons alone. This is the walkabout, the journey, the search for self-actualization that often comes from some sort of severing or tragedy or separation. Could it be possible that horrific events are the eruptive energy of the collective interior of change? [Current note from Georgia in April 2014: With another square between Uranus and Pluto occurring in April 2014 along with the two eclipses of April 2014 could there finally be some sort of resolution or restitution? Will political shenanigans be revealed? Will right become right? Only time will tell. Meantime, take some time to smell the roses…they are there regardless of what is going on around us.]