November’s Eclipses (article reprint from 1993)

This article is reprinted from The Mountain Astrologer, November 1993, and discusses the same Eclipses that are showing up in Scorpio in November 2013, and in Taurus in April 2014.

November’s Eclipses:
Where do they fall in your chart?

Whenever I begin a lecture or discussion on eclipses, I quote one of the more traditional astronomical definitions of eclipses, “There is a temporary loss of light and we see a shadow.” We who work with the world of symbols recognize this statement on many levels–light is that which we can see, and is associated with the Sun, which is the representation of our life and life path. The dark is the shadow, often associated with Pluto.

This month, on November 13, 1993, we will have the first in a 2-year series of solar eclipses in the signs of Scorpio and Taurus. This eclipse occurs at almost 22° Scorpio, the position at which Pluto stationed direct in early August this year. When this first Scorpio eclipse occurs, it will act as a preview of the “movies” which will appear regularly in 1994 and 1995.

On November 28,1993, we will begin to complete the energies of the recent series of Sagittarius and Gemini eclipses. The Full Moon lunar eclipse this November will be at 7°03′ Gemini.

Before we look at the specifics of these eclipses and how they will affect our individual charts, let’s explore eclipse “logistics” for more complete interpretations.

The eclipses always accompany the transiting lunar nodes. The ancient Chinese believed that when the Sun disappeared into the sky during a total eclipse, there was a giant dragon devouring it. Why would a dragon devour the Sun? Perhaps for fuel or food that would help it to grow and, thereby, require shedding its skin. This process is necessary, but painful.

The transiting north node is the “head” of the dragon, and shows how and where the dragon must dare the universe in the process of its growth. The same is true as to where the transiting north node is moving through our horoscopes–it is where we must focus. The opposing point, the south node, or “tail” of the dragon, shows where we are being asked to let go of old, outworn and comfortable patterns. It would be very easy to stay at the south node, but it is not there that we meet our greatest challenges.

Since the eclipses always accompany the Moon’s nodes, they have emotional distinctions: the solar eclipses, which occur at New Moons, trigger events in our lives, or force decisions that are very close to coming to a head; the lunar eclipses, which occur at Full Moons, have a kind of emotional breaking-out feeling about them– they act as emotional roto-rooters!

How Eclipses Affect Your Chart

The more precisely either a solar or lunar eclipse aspects a planet in your chart, especially in conjunction, square, or opposition, the more precise and life changing the events may be. The orb often used is 2°-to-3°. When an eclipse aspects a particular axis of your horoscope, this can also act as a catalyst for change in those areas of your life.

Always watch the planets of your horoscope that are aspected by an eclipse, what house those planets fall into, and the houses they rule, for even more, detailed information regarding their effect on your life.

For example, if the lunar eclipse of June 4, 1993 at approximately 13°55′ Gemini/Sagittarius occurred on your first/ seventh house axis, and also squared your Venus in the tenth house, with Venus ruling your twelfth house, you might not only experience changes in your personal identity, but also opportunities for a new relationship that has a spiritual dimension (twelfth house). This relationship may also act as an asset in your public and professional life (tenth house).

An important predictive technique is to go back in time about 19 years to when an eclipse was possibly hitting approximately the same place in your horoscope, when the transiting nodes were at the same positions. For example, on June 4, 1974, we had a lunar eclipse at 13°54′ Sagittarius, very close to that June 4, 1993 lunar eclipse at 13°55′ Sagittarius. There may be a correlation between the events that you experienced during that time (1974-1975) and the events that are currently at work in your life.

Once either the lunar or the solar eclipse activates a certain point in your chart, you may experience some type of major change related to that point either 3,6,9, or 12 months later. These simplified 3-month periods are associated with the New or Full Moons that, later, square, oppose, and again square the original lunar or solar eclipse degree.

Quite often the lunar eclipses become active within 3 to 6 months after their occurrence, but the solar eclipses seem to have a much longer-term effect. An eclipse (either lunar or solar) will also have a longer-term effect if it is the first in a new series (such as the November 13,1993 solar eclipse in Scorpio), or the last in a series (such as the May 25, 1994 lunar eclipse in Gemini/Sagittarius). Some examples of major changes that occurred on the ‘last’ hits in a series have been the nuclear disaster at Chernobyl in 1986 and the Stock Market crash of 1987.

Another important thing to watch for are the transits of planets over eclipse points soon after the eclipse occurs. For example, if Venus transits over the eclipse point first, the experience of the eclipse may be more positive, but if Mars transits over that same point first, the effects may be more startling or difficult.

Let me mention one more thing about eclipse hits in the horoscope. Some peoples’ horoscopes ‘activate’ early and others ‘hit off later. Sometimes the effects of the solar eclipse will be felt an entire month before the precise hit occurs, and other times the effects may follow it.

How the November Eclipses Affect Your Chart

If either the solar or lunar eclipses of November are precisely hitting your FIRST HOUSE, or aspecting your first house ruler, look towards a new identity, new confidence, a new look, and a new independence of thought in the succeeding quarters.

In the SECOND HOUSE, or aspecting the second house ruler, expect to become aware of new values, cash flow opportunities, new possibilities for discovering your hidden gifts, skills and talents that will help you and others with their resources. There is a new view of your personal value as an individual that changes the scope of how you work effectively in the outer world.

In the THIRD HOUSE, or aspecting the third house ruler, there is the possibility of beginning some course of study that will result in a license or a credential. You may also be inclined to write a “how-to” manual, re-organize your books and records, write poetry, articles, or essays– even lyrics may arise. It is important now to become aware of how you process information, how you can use your mind more efficiently, and how you can improve and hone your current communication skills.

In the FOURTH HOUSE, or aspecting the fourth house ruler, you may experience an awakening or change concerning one of the birth parents, or the possibility of either moving, remodeling your current domain, going into real estate. or taking the time to withdraw from the world so you can regroup and rebirth when the eclipse moves out of your fourth. You may begin a new business at home as a kind of side light that becomes more manifest as the eclipse moves out of the fourth. There is often the need to spend more time at home, to form a nest, particularly when the transiting north node is moving through the fourth.

In the FIFTH HOUSE, or aspecting the fifth house ruler, there is the possibility of new birth–either a baby of your body or a baby of your mind may occur. This, of course, is the more traditional view as are new possibilities for play and romance, but there is also the possibility of realizing the child within and moving into a space where you are more apt to take gambles and risks. This is also the place where speculative ventures or risks might be kicked off as well as the possibility of becoming involved in some type of meeting planning or convention planning project. Avocations can become vocations with emphasis in this house.

In the SIXTH HOUSE, or aspecting the sixth house ruler, new systems or methods of work may be utilized, and scheduling and time management issues become more important. The turnover rate of employees at your company will probably increase. You may also become more aware of environmental concerns both at work and at home.

Your concerns turn to matters of health, exercise and diet–“cleaning up your act,” so to speak. Health issues that need to be addressed may take much of your time during these transits. In your home, you may have to deal with the health or care of smaller, domesticated animals.

In the SEVENTH HOUSE, or aspecting the seventh house ruler, you will discover new opportunities in either long-term personal or professional associations– you are in a partnering mode. There is a new desire to partner with others and work on die area of committed relationship. If there is an already existing relationship, the opportunity to renew or redefine it comes at this time. If one of the partners does not want to work on the relationship, difficulties can arise.

In the EIGHTH HOUSE, or aspecting the eighth house ruler, there are new opportunities for your partner to increase his or her resources, settlements of lawsuits, dealings with estates or legacies, and investing in long-term goals. The liquidation of frozen assets may occur, or your company may offer you an early retirement with an opportunity to cash in on your retirement fund.

There is a new view of sexuality as sacred, and the rediscovery of your deepest, most sensual feelings can transform your current reality.

In the NINTH HOUSE, or aspecting the ninth house ruler, there may be opportunities to write, teach, and lead people into their visions. Long distance relocations may occur, and opportunities present themselves from some distance away.

You may begin to work in public relations, professional sales training, and consulting, as well as the legally-related professions. New in-laws or concerns about in-laws may prevail, or you may experience die birth of a third child. Direct mail and mail-order businesses may be in the offing.

In the TENTH HOUSE, or aspecting the tenth house ruler, it is possible to light up your career and finally receive the recognition for which you have so long worked. A new career opportunity may surface, or you may lose a long-time boss or become a boss yourself.

Again, there may be concerns around one of the birth parents–their health or personal situation.

In the ELEVENTH HOUSE, or aspecting the eleventh house ruler, friends and members of the community may come to your assistance to help you advance your career. It becomes more important now to contribute to the collective or the community in some way. This is also a good time to improve your social life.

In the TWELFTH HOUSE, or aspecting the twelfth house ruler, you may feel a deep need to withdraw and re-group for a while. The Hindus believe that this house is related to the conception of ideas and children, and so these opportunities may present themselves to you.

The twelfth house is the ‘toxic waste management station,’ where all things must filter through before they begin anew in the first house. You may find yourself cleaning out closets and letting go of possessions, or re-connecting with your psyche through dreams, meditation or hypnotherapy. This is a wonderful time to see a good psychotherapist, as the past may return to be dealt with.

Your innate creativity can be released in this house and you may find yourself again picking up paints, oils, crayons, etc., as you did so long ago, to help you rediscover your deepest soul needs.