The Electional Process

NCGR August, 2013, Philadelphia, PA
By Georgia Stathis

So what is the best time to start anything?

That question is one of the primary questions we are asked as astrologers. And as astrologers we struggle to find that right moment and the best time in view of what we have to work with in order to accommodate our clients. As astrologers we frequently face the fact that despite our clients’ needs, incorporating stressful cycles that are disharmonious and often long term, are inevitable. You can’t say, “Wait for three more years”, when they are ready now.

In the late 1980s we faced this difficulty when several outer planets aligned forming synodic conjunctions quite rare and very challenging. Electional charts were needed then as they are now with the current square between Uranus and Pluto. We need to be strategic and position these anomalies in an electional chart allowing them to become more positively proactive rather than negatively reactive. Bottom line: There is no perfect chart and the clients must understand that.

Another important part of this process is knowledge of the electional moment’s history. What leads to this decision in the individual’s chart is also important and by looking at the progressions that led them to this decision is value added information which is applied to your calculations. And, finally, applying those same progressions or solar arcs as well as eclipse hits to the future of the proposed chart gives an added edge confirming the viability of the elected chart.

And, finally, it is important to engage our clients in the process of designing a chart that works for them, making them do some of the work so that our work is better. If the client is unwilling to give you time frames, birth data, or doesn’t have time to work with you, then it is in your and their best interest not to take that client. Yes, we don’t have to take all the clients that want to work with us, particularly when it comes to the electional process.

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