Desire and Seduction

originally published October 12, 1992

When I was twelve, I read many books and paperbacks which I purchased from the local drugstore and which, at that time were the only available “new” knowledge in my environment. Among my favorites which made the greatest impact, were the small paperback books about astrology, Betty Friedan’s “Feminine Mystique” and Edith Hamilton’s “Greek Mythology”.

What an eclectic assortment!! And what a lasting impression when you combine all three approaches of these books–the order of the universe as denoted through the signs of the zodiac, new views from a feminine perspective that were gleaned from the traditional and more patriarchally based Greek Mythology and literature !! What an impact these words had on me at the impressionable age of 12 through 14. It began a time for me that separated my thinking processes from everyone else in my environment. It was the beginning of independent thinking.

Even less known was the direction and the resulting magic seeds that were planted in me at that time. Those seeds grew into a career as an astrologer who interprets old stories and translates them into modern language and pictures. Each one of the books had their merits, but the one that most deeply impacted me was the book about Mythology.

I moved into a world of imagination beyond imagination–that fourth dimension, where suddenly everything is related to everything in the cosmos and one realizes there is a true pattern to everything.

It opened something up inside of me that I can only term “ancient memory”. This is something that we all have and what Carl Jung referred to as the “Collective Unconscious.”

At the time that all this began, I was entering puberty, my Venus cycle–or my first true experience with the personality type that I call Desire and Seduction.

In astrology, we experience different archetypes or planetary ages at different phases of life.

For example, in the first seven years of our lives, we are in the Moon cycle. The Moon is the symbol of the Universal Mother and unconditional love–the Cosmic Mother.

Between the ages of 14 and 21, all young boys and girls, enter the Desire and Seduction phase– the Venus cycle.

This is when they become most aware and most overcome by their emotional and sexual desires. In the cycle prior to 14, between seven and fourteen, the Mercury cycle, is the learning and skills cycle.

In this cycle my parents “forced” my brother and I to attend Greek School. We attended for approximately seven years and it was just as I began moving into my early teens, getting ready for my creative and expressive cycle, that I happened on the aforementioned books. By this time, I had mastered the Greek language fairly well.

They say that when the student is ready, a teacher appears. Coincidently, in our Greek classes, we had just begun reading some of the classics, such as the Odyssey of Homer–something which I truthfully did not look forward to until I found my “mentor” books on my own!

This was the beginning of my great love affair with knowledge and new and unusual thought. My greatest love during these years was the pursuit of artistic and philosophical knowledge. Granted I had the tremendous passions that only a teenage girl can experience, but the culture in which I was birthed, did not allow those passions to express themselves through the social practice of going out with boys and dating.

I am a first generation Greek American. The culture in those days, particularly if you had one or both parents from Greece, did not allow girls to date, to wear make-up, to even talk to boys unless they were Greek and the family knew them. And then the only way to meet each other was to be introduced by the families.

Needless to say, this put a pretty big crimp into my American-born style and action and I learned to compensate. I passionately pursued knowledge, dance, the arts, music, and erotic fantasy– anything that assisted the “culturally accepted” release of passions. This could not include sex. The Warrior or Mars cycle doesn’t begin until one is older and I had not, as yet, discovered my inner Wild Woman and Heroine until I reached the age of 21 when I rebelled and severed my ties with my family–my clan and moved faraway.

In looking back, I was truly birthed as an individual between the ages of fourteen and twenty-one. I became who I am today. It was only years later in studying astrology and writing this book that I put it together that the planet Venus is very prominent in my natal chart and because of this emphasis, I have a highly developed Desire and Seduction archetype. And it is through her lens how I see, do, and perceive life.

A story of love, courage and tragedy.

The story involves the woman Ariadne who gave a ball of thread and a sword to the man she loved, Theseus, the warrior, to help him on the journey that would help him complete his heroic task.

In this story, the tools that Ariadne gives to Theseus safely lead him through the Labyrinth to kill the fearsome Minotaur and thereby frees all the young men and women imprisoned and held there for bloody sacrifice.

This story of heroism has a far deeper root and it is this part of the story on which we need to focus in order to understand some of the signposts that indicate that Desire and Seduction are about to enter your life or, in fact, occupy a permanent part of your personality.

Ariadne’s gifts of love helped Theseus enter and exit the Labyrinth safely and the sword killed the monstrous Minotaur. The Minotaur was the resulting progeny of a union that resulted from the unbridled passion that ensued between King Minos’ wife and the Sacred White Bull of Poseidon, which was to be sacrificed by King Minos to Poseidon, who provided the sacred animal.

King Minos, however, overcome by greed and desire to covet the beautiful white bull, replaced the sacred bull with another that looked like it. This action threw the Sea God Poseidon into a rage.

Resulting from Poseidon’s rage, was the accursed Minotaur-half man and half bull.

Consequently, one of the animals associated with the archetype of Desire and Seduction is the bull or the cow. Through varied cultures, they represent strong desires thereby propagating fertility. In ancient times, there, was great regard for Bull Goddesses or the worship of the wild bulls.

Therefore, when King Minos covets (desires) the Sacred White Bull for himself without conscience, Poseidon, angered, casts the same spell of desire onto the King’s wife and she is seduced into an unholy union with the Sacred White Bull, and out of this unsanctioned union is born the unsatisfied and bloodthirsty Minotaur, whom Theseus later kills.

Wendy Ashley*, a noted Astro-Mythologist in the United States, talks about how the bulls’ horns, look like the letter V or–like a Uterus–and how the V-shape is particularly related to the shape of the female Vulva, one of the places of the body that is particularly aroused during foreplay and love-making, activated by desire and seduction.

The bull, or the cow, are the animal symbols for the astrological sign of Taurus. How many times do we find ourselves driving along a country road looking at pastoral scenes of cows grazing quietly away in a field. This scene continues for miles and miles and there is solace to be found in this moment.

In recent news, there is a great deal of controversy around cows in general. They seem to have an image problem. There are 98.9 million head of cattle in the United States, according to the National Cattlemen’s Association.

There are 20 percent fewer cows now than in 1980 but they are producing the same amount of beef. There is a movement afoot that perhaps there are too many cows!! Could this imply, symbolically, that there is too much of a good thing, too much Venus, too much consumption (perhaps of milk and cookies) and that we are pulling back as a society?

The cow is symbolic of fertility. Always birthing and conceiving, and nursing, she also provides milk for us.

As a society we are realizing that there can be such a thing as too much consumption, too many possessions, comfort, and that we need more balance in the world.

We need to move to the next phase, fertilization, which facilitates birth, new life, ideas, philosophies, and thought.

The story continues with the hero, Theseus abandoning his devoted Ariadne at the island of Naxos. He abandons her and her love, even though she has helped him in his quest for the Minotaur and aided him in achieving his “desired” warrior passage. He has abandoned her without conscience. Or so it seems.

Another possibility might be that regardless of his achievement, he has not yet developed the “will” to love, to look deeper, to grow roots, to share or care. In order to be able to love Ariadne as selflessly as she has loved him, he must be fully ready to love. He must move past the “self-important” aspect of the Warrior.

Again, we see in the story the distinction between desire and love. Both Theseus and Ariadne desire each other. Each is attracted to the other. She has the tools and the knowledge and is willing to share her gifts, skills and talents. She shares, but perhaps with the expectation that she will receive in return his undying love.

This is what she “needs”. Venus types need to have their “needs” met in relationship, but are also very good at sharing their “resources” and “values”.

In the traditional business world, this translates to those who provide a service or product and expect cash in return. The above is very strong in the horoscopes of those men and women who are successful in business. These businesses include products and services which the individuals value and have mastered.

Their success is determined by their ability to project themselves and charismatically draw the public to them.

As the story continues, Theseus, after abandoning Ariadne on the island of Naxos, is confident in the knowledge that he has succeeded in killing the Minotaur. Cocky and proud, he heads home. It is at this point that we believe the story is about to end. It doesn’t.

Heading home, he is to raise the white sail to inform his father, King Aegeus, that he is safe, but in the midst of his revelry, he fails to do so. The black sail of death remains hoisted on their ship and his father, in great sorrow over the supposed loss of his son, hurls himself into the sea to his death!! The God Poseidon finally has his “sacrifice” and is appeased.

At puberty every young girl and boy experiences deep desires, curiosities, passions, and thoughts of love. They might even be willing to “die” for those they love. In the Shakespearian story of “Romeo and Juliet”, it is exclaimed “give me love or give me death” by two young teenagers.

Ariadne is a character with whom I identified at that age. She seemed to fit many of the qualities of varied professions which had the appeal of taking people in and out of their own Labyrinths– their life processes–by providing them with tools to cut away their darkness and release their creative process.

A ball of thread …

Thread and cloth always seemed to be around our family…my maternal grandmother, Anna, the only grandparent I knew, embroidered beautifully, using many balls of beautifully colored thread. She loved the themes and designs of embroidered flowers, one of Venus’ many symbols.

My mother, my aunt, my mother-in-law were all experienced seamstresses. In college, majoring in theatre, I became a costume designer and builder, spending hundreds of hours lost in my imagination using all kinds of cutting instruments to cut away leather and fabric and bind them with colorful balls of thread.

This compulsion to make things beautiful and help others look beautiful is also typical of a strong Venus placement in the horoscope. These themes continued into early adulthood when I was thrown onto the path of astrology and began my first serious walk into my own hidden “labyrinths”.

I found myself giving many relationships the thread and the sword and often being “left”. Ultimately, I discovered that I needed to develop my own gifts and become aware of my own needs.

Eventually, my work became work that assisted people through their secrets and fears and eventually lifted up their swords and moving forward to forge new territory for themselves and, subsequently, for others. I learned to non-attach.

There are many parts of personality.

A person’s horoscope consists of many parts– we are not just our “sun sign”. The Collective Unconscious is more easily reached by some rather than others. There are many different pieces and parts to all of us. These pieces and parts are revealed in various analytical systems such as the Myers-Briggs system, Numerology, and Astrology to name a few.

Some of us are more predominantly “Warrior or Wild Woman” types, who charge forward in search of a cause for which we fight. Some of us are messengers whose primary purpose is to wake others up to their foibles and follies. Some are teachers who open their students’ minds to the vast realms of possibilities in the universe. The list goes on and on.

All of these types are within us. Some are more predominant than others. Some of the types or characters enter our lives at certain times as signposts in the road to move us onto the next path. We can recognize them by their symbols, stories and colors.

Being aware of our primary type or types, helps us to understand more fully such things as life purpose, direction, ways to solve dilemmas from our archetypal perspective. Knowing this helps make life less effortful. Resultantly, life flows more easily. It is then that we are able to reach that state called “Bliss”.

It is in keeping with this idea that we begin the journey through the “archetypal” labyrinth and the first one we explore is that of “Desire and Seduction” one of the most common in our culture.

There are three versions of the feminine: that of lovers, symbolized by Venus; the Great Mother, which is symbolized by the Moon; and the third is the Crone, Sage, or Medicine Man or Woman symbolized by the more mature manifestation of the planet, Saturn.

Desire is one of the most motivating forces of life. The desire to continue or discontinue a relationship or take a different path towards that Utopian dream of peace and tranquility all underlie this most pronounced emotion. Without desire, nothing is born.

Desire has its many faces–loving, jealous and rageful. Whatever we need to do to possess that which we covet, we do. How we do it is equal to how conscientious we are soul-wise.

Though Venus is always shown as a beautiful woman, we must not forget that she is also very strong and forceful. She is not weak.

When she is alive as well as healthy in our lives, we enjoy life, make money, and draw to us that which we desire.

Venusians need comfortable surroundings and continually makes their surroundings beautiful and comfortable. Some of the questions they may ask themselves might be, “How may I make my environment more beautiful?” “What shall I wear to the event?” The physical presentation that he or she presents to the world is very important.

Collectors of make-up, paintings, elegant possessions, perfumes, and aftershaves, they are surrounded by friends and loved ones. Their closets may be full of beautiful garments and their homes full of elegant and comfortable furnishings that are designed in impeccable colors. They lather their skin with creams and can be pre-occupied by youth, although many times this role is taken up by the messenger type, which is discussed in another chapter.

Their primary focus is relationship. Wherever, for example, an individual’s Venus is placed in their astrological chart might be where they are very loved or where they put a lot of their love. It may also indicate what they love to do.

Venus generally rules the signs of Taurus and Libra, but anyone can be this type prominently if the planet is prominently placed in their birth chart.

One client, who had this archetype prominent in her life related a story to me about how she and the female members of her family–sisters and mother–were on a trip. As they returned from holiday together in the car and on the freeway, quite suddenly the front tire blew. As they were on the far left lane of the freeway travelling at about sixty to seventy miles per hour, it was quite a task to get the vehicle to the right side of the freeway.

When she finally did cross, she stopped the car. The different women mobilized. The one sister, a Leo lady, grabbed an axe handle from the trunk and quickly attached a red flag to it and began trying to flag down some help.

But, the sister with the prominent Venus, a Libra, very calmly lay her beautiful shawl across the hood of the car and proceeded to lay out an elegant picnic lunch while still on the freeway!!

This is typical of this type. They bring flowers, put flowers on the table for lunch and often wear great fragrances!!

They indulge loved ones with rich or tasty foods. The more conscious incorporate nutritional foods. Some of the foods associated with this type are: chocolate, apples, herbal teas. What is the primary treat that one lover gives to another? Chocolate.

On a trip into the wilderness with my children, we stopped in a little town at about three o’ clock in the afternoon for coffee and treats. My son, then eight years old, ordered the delectable chocolate pie that stared him in the face as we sat at the counter. It took little persuasion to influence him since he is a Libra and enjoys his’ sweets.

As I looked around the restaurant, I noticed several people eating that same chocolate pie. I told my daughter, I bet you that sometime today the planet Venus entered its own sign Libra (rules sweets and chocolate) and that there is an upsurge in the chocolate pie orders.

We asked the waitress who quite excitedly said, “Oh yes, we usually get orders for whole chocolate pies, but today everyone wants a piece of it after their lunch.” It was that very afternoon that Venus had indeed entered Libra right on schedule on the cosmic timeclock.

Chinese Doctrine of Signatures.

In the Chinese Doctrine of Signatures, it was believed that if you ate certain animals that that animal’s power and essence would enter you. Pigs were considered to be one of the animals that would increase desire and, ultimately, fertility.

Pliny the Elder believed that truffles increase sexual potency and pigs are known for their extraordinary ability to forage truffles, which are considered to be an exotic food.

Different foods are associated with Venus. In ancient times, people ate oysters thinking that they would increase potency, a belief that still prevails today.

Apples and quince, a type of apple, were also said to increase potency.

In the California Flower Essences, if you take quince, it helps develop the strength and power of love, especially for women who feel torn between the need for power and strength and their need to be loving and nurturing.

In myth, Circe, the enchantress, is associated with pigs. She seduces Ulysses and turns his men into pigs so that she can keep Ulysses from making his journey. When Ulysses confronts her with the fact that he will run his sword through her if she does not release his men as well as not change when he drinks Circe’s magic potion (he is given an antibody herb by Hermes), she is so impressed that he resists her enchantment that she falls in love with him. In the end, she releases the men from her spell and sends them on their way with “safety instructions” to continue their journey.

Seduction is everywhere.

It competes for attention. We see it in Madison Avenue advertising campaigns with their slick colors and lines. We see the symbol of seduction, a very shapely woman or chiseled man, looking down at us from billboards inviting us to “try” their product.

The clothing business is ruled by Venus and the promise of becoming desirable and beautiful by purchasing that article of clothing. That desire moves us past reason when we spend hundreds of dollars for one outfit that we may wear only once or twice. The decision is seduced right out of us. That same money might be better spent on something else, but in that moment, we are in throes of desire. We are paying homage to the goddess, Venus. We respond to her call.

By purchasing the garments and adorning ourselves, we value and love ourselves.

Venus/Aphrodite is birthed from the sea and the sea foam which had as its origins, her father’s blood which spewed from his severed genitals.

Her father, Ouranos, the sky god, was castrated by Cronos, his son and when they threw his genitals into the sea, out of the sea was birthed Aphrodite (Venus).

And it is in these same stories that Aphrodite’s (Venus’) lover is Ares (Mars), the god of wounds and wars. The one always desires the other. They have total affinity for one another. Venus feels incomplete without Mars and Mars feels incomplete without Venus.

Associations with the Father

As can be seen from the former story of Venus’ birth, we see a very strong association with the father. Another mythological character that demonstrates this same theme is the goddess Pallas Athena, the warrior goddess, who springs forth from her father Zeus’s head and is related to the sign of Libra which is the other sign of the zodiac ruled by the planet, Venus.

Athena, however, in her story does not spring forth from her father’s/genitals like Aphrodite, but rather from his head, his mind. This implies a non-organic orientation that may be, in essence, the more mentally orientated version of desire and seduction.

It was told to Zeus who is also referred to as Jupiter, that as he replaced his father, Cronos, so was he to be replaced by one of his children.

Metis, a woman of wisdom, was carrying the child Athena, whose father was Zeus. When Zeus devoured his consort, Metis, he immediately developed a splitting headache and out of his head, sprang forth, in full armor, the goddess Athena.

She was the warrior goddess of ancient Greece. Athena becomes the favorite consultant for the heroes and heroines always supplying them with good advice when she believes in their cause.

Athena also happens to be a master weaver, being the head patron of weavers, for Athens. This implies that this type might work with fabric that has as part of its design intricate patterns and treasures into which are woven special treasures. There may be a tremendous facility to work with cloth, fabric and weavings as well as a talent for interior design.

There is also a strong need for justice and fairness that becomes part of the personality of this type which accompanies the strong sense of beauty and appreciation for color and texture.

In fact, many of these types at some time or another find themselves creating beauty with embroidery needles, threads, and looms.

As noted, the planet Venus follows the Sun and is an evening star in spring, but in the fall, when we enter the zodiacal sign of Libra, she is a morning star and leads the sun in what we term Venus Lucifer, or, the Oriental position.

The metaphor suggests a more assertive and aggressive version of Desires and Seduction. Similar to Athena, the warrior goddess, this type can be very aggressive and, in fact, learning how to be aggressive and wise at the same time is one of their challenges.

Thusly, there are two sides to this type. The one that uses all its physical and sensate abilities to attract to it that which it desires and to give itself pleasure. That part is about pleasure, initiation into the sexual pleasures of life and about maturing into men and women.

The other side is the ability to aggressively go after that which one believes in while maintaining a clear picture of our needs and wants. This type needs to work on keeping these two sides in balance.

In May the planet Venus usually rises after the Sun, at evening, as the sky becomes pink, the traditional color of love and desire.

Spring Fever

It is no coincidence that we experience “spring fever” in the spring where the desire to fall in love is everywhere. It is no coincidence that the sticky, sweet sap of trees flows rapidly through the trees to produce leaves and fruit. Spring sets in. And it is no coincidence that like the sap, when we are in the state of sexual arousal, that the body produces lubrication that prepares the woman’s body for intercourse which may ultimately lead to fertility.

The month of May is named after the goddess, Maia, who was the winged messenger, Hermes’ mother. In many cultures throughout the world, they still celebrate May Day, which was called Beltain in ancient times, the time of spring when new love blossoms forth like the landscape itself.

Some of the symbols associated with this type are seashells, shellfish, sea foam, and five-pointed stars. These are all symbols associated with the goddess who rises from the sea and one of the best images available to us is the famous painting of Botticelli’s, entitled “The Birth of Venus”.

The sand dollar, one of the Venus symbols, has inside of it many little “doves of peace”. The desire for peace and harmony are a primary motivation for this type.

Since the space shuttle Magellan arrived at the planet, Venus, we are evoking her in our society. People are attempting to make peace and work together, the expressive arts are and will continue to burgeon.

Positive and Negative Manifestations:

This archetype may sound flirtatious and fickle, but, instead, it is very practical. It sees the practical aspects of life–the need for food, sex, shelter, and clothing and it knows how to get them.

In her more positive manifestation she shares, brings peace, and beautifies. She encourages artistic expression in everything around her. She can inspire and evoke, seduce you and move you to heights of ecstasy that you have never known before.

In her more negative manifestation, she can be grasping, self-indulgent, lazy and expect others to do for her. She can betray, be indolent, and selfish. She can be unproductive and demanding especially with anything that has to do with the material or material security or with the threat to her material security.

Since the symbol of the Egyptian Ankh looks like the symbol for Venus and shows the spirit of God (Circle) over the cross of matter, the world of the material may be more important than we realize for these types. To have or have not is a main theme.

Higher Manifestation

In her higher manifestation, she can be similar to Neptune, the god of Ecstasy and Madness and whom we will explore later. Neptune has the ability to see and love the pure soul, regardless of what really blocks the soul’s expression . There is a similarity here with Venus.

Therefore, if someone has very strong connections in a horoscope between Neptune, Spirit, and Venus, Love, they may love the most unlikely characters–in the extreme, the drug addict, the murderer, etcetera, because they can see through to the soul of the individual. They may find themselves being victims of the disease that only sees life through rose-colored glasses. Of course, this is not always the case, there can be a strong soul-connection between the boundaries when Neptune is involved.

Desire and Seduction–Alienation and Hate

Seduction, love and desire struggle with their adversaries, alienation and hate. If you are born with this archetype strongly placed, in your horoscope at birth, early on you will display a deep desire for fragrances, textures, adornments,’ mirrors, and a need for social refinement. These types may be consumed by a compulsive desire , to love or be close to others, to enjoy pleasure, to create. This can be a primary motivation. If this archetype is distressed, it can run to the extreme opposite manifestation of this behavior– the fatal attractions, the conquering of another soul or body and the need to possess and be jealous.

If you are in a cycle that is negatively activating you, then you may discover this last set of behaviors, which might include eating too much or eating too many sweets or buying too many things or clothes. As always, if this kind of behavior is being exhibited, then there is a deeper level of feeling that is not being addressed. It may be the lack of self-love. You may be eating too much chocolate to feel “sweeter”. There may be a need to allow the emotions to play out, to be addressed, to be nurtured, to be allowed in.

When we start allowing feelings to re-enter the landscape, then balance is restored. You may be beginning to be more assertive and this is when the other side of the story, the other–Athena begins to play out. You are creating your own life and journey and directing yourself to a project that will engage your mind and your creativity. This allows you to share your wonderful mental faculties to help others create a better reality, which can include peace and harmony.

Recall that Athena is the goddess to whom the heroes go for advice and counsel. She must judge and weigh (the association with the scales of Libra) and feel that their cause is valuable. If she feels their mission is worthy she offers them the tools and the strategies with which to win their battles. She is wise, like her mother, Metis, and is the master weaver who weaves the journey or, the walkabout for the hero and monitors his or her steps.

Venus, the Ice Maiden

She can be very cool and sometimes referred to as a type of Ice Maiden, who maintains a cool detachment at any cost. This negative manifestation may “appear” feelingless. This is not necessarily a negative. The detached quality serves its purpose in the form of dealing with things in a fair and succinct fashion. Many attorneys or those who work as liaisons or negotiators have this prominently placed in their lives. The compulsion for fairness and justice is a skill that needs to be developed. Those who act in this capacity have done just that.

The flip side of this might be the individual is so compulsively attached to fairness and justice, that they are practically incapable of making decisions! They can, you see, become totally the opposite–procrastinators who escape into fantasy–who are incapable of making decisions.

There is an ability, however, to discern between the valuable and the less valuable. The ability to keep what is useful and let go of that which is not.

Fall Equinox

The Fall Equinox, is the beginning of the first day of the zodiacal sign of Libra. It is the harbinger of the upcoming harvest as well as the ensuing decay and walk into the underworld of winter. Like St. Michael who pins the dragon, the symbol of human consciousness (according to Rudolph Steiner), which parallels the growing season of the Summer Solstice, suddenly realizes that things are dying.

St. Michael’s act of slaying the dragon is the symbol for the decision to separate from the nature spirits of summer and become separate enough to allow the consciousness to survive.

Remember the story of Minos who did not truly value the gift of the Sacred White Bull from the God, Poseidon. He did not “value” the gift. He paid a price for not valuing. Values are a part of this type.

In the story of Circe, the enchantress, she respects Ulysses for not being enchanted by her and then helps him. Venus or Desire and Seduction types are drawn to those whom they desire, and if they respect them, they can be worthy allies in the form of support, tools and information.

She helps Ulysses on his perilous journey through the world of the sirens whose sounds can force the men to crash their ships on the rocks. By plugging Ulysses’ men’s’ ears with wax, they are not mesmerized and seduced into crashing upon the craggy rocks. Sounds are a portion of this story. Certain sounds can destroy and certain sounds can create.

This type personality usually has very sensitive senses, particularly their hearing. Words do affect them. The tone of the voice, the timber of the throat, are important to this type.

Some of the greatest singers of all time have had ‘prominent Venus’ in their horoscopes. If they are not singers, then may have resonant and melodious voices.

When they are unable to express, their health problems may manifest in thyroid problems.

Since the chakra that is ruled by Venus is the throat chakra. Blocked expression indicates such problems as thyroid, laryngitis, and soar throats.

Sometimes it agitates the opposite end of the pole, through the opposite sign of Taurus, which is Scorpio, which rules the genitals and the excretory system. The opposite of the sign of Libra is Aries, which rules the head. Therefore, when there is blocked expression, they may experience problems with the reproductive organs, there may be sexual dysfunction, problems in the excretory system, or in the head region, manifesting in headaches.

In modern times, we have icons all over our advertising, films, and television programs. “Supermodels” are true archetypal images of Venus, Desire and Seduction. The classic icon in these times even thirty or more years after her death is the icon of Marilyn Monroe, a true personification of all the Venusian attributes, the curved figure, the full lips, the seductive poses in which she is presented.

Young people who were not even alive during the time of Marilyn Monroe still pay homage to this “goddess” and her images.

At some point or several points in our journey, we become this “goddess” when we are ready to begin something new and when we are entering a new phase of life. Being single after a divorce, we get in shape and have major makeovers. When we start dating, we try all the aftershaves, clothes, or cosmetics. When we promote our new businesses, we become attractive to the public. At one time or another we are our own Venus–rising from the sea foam– reborn, alive, and always new.

Even if this is not your primary archetype…

…at certain times during the life this archetype will enter our life. She is obviously there when we fall in love and we make lifetime decisions about settling down. She is there when men and women feel passion and the need to express themselves fully.

She is there when we create something beautiful, when we take a painting class or decide to repaint our bedrooms.

She is always there for both boys and girls entering their early teen years starting at the age of fourteen through twenty-one, where each teenage boy and girl first encounters the goddess Venus, the goddess of desire and seduction. In other words, she is there, sometimes, when we least expect her, yet most need her.

*Wendy Ashley is a noted Astro-Mythologist and resides on Peaks Island, Maine. She can be reached at She is a good friend and great teacher. Each summer she offers a “Mythology” Intensive on Peaks Island.