Micro-Forecast: October 8 to 14, 2012

This is a week full of trines. Trines are triangular aspects in astrology, 120°. 120° adds up to the number 3, which represents communication and information. This is a wonderful week in which to communicate your needs, your desires, write down your goals on either a word list, a mind map or draw it in a treasure map. There is an old saying- visualizing is realizing. Suspend judgment when working on your biggest and, seemingly, impossible goals…just see them. If you believe, you will see. This is the set up for the next two years

By the end of the week, Mars forming a square to Chiron may have you hiding behind constant activity in order to avoid self-awareness. The good news is that your personal experience and wisdom is the key to teaching and helping others. Patience is required for those who seem ‘less’ evolved and determined to remain ‘unconscious’. If this continues, you may have to walk away for their own good — really.