Micro-Forecast: July 9 to 15, 2012

So you started your think-tank last week, fabulous! This week with Uranus and Mercury going retrograde, your ‘team’ needs to assign duties to those best suited to those duties. The idea being that information is needed to move to the next step. Retrogrades are great for finding things out. Ideas are great, but need foundation in order to work. Foundation is what Sun square Saturn offers on the 14th. What needs to go? What is it that you can’t live without? Streamlining lives and companies is the first step before growth. Sometimes one must let go of the past in order to have a great future.

Mars enters Libra stimulating the ‘me vs. thee’ dynamic. Our relationships are a significant part of our lives. Maintaining them with care is a constant endeavor. If things have gotten a little stale, if too much compromise has lead to stagnation, expect this Mars energy to turn up the heat and stir the relationship pot. Decisions must be made, but there is a lot of pause while getting to the decision.