Micro-Forecast: July 23 to 29, 2012

This might be the perfect time to engage new legal aid. Get another opinion — one that is fresh and aware of the newer laws. Find people who know about getting grants. Even with a struggling economy, there are grants for education, for venture capital and people who know how to get them. Talking with out of the box thinkers during this retrograde spurs another way of taking your idea to a new direction. Maybe you’ve been thinking of going to school, but something else which is better suited to you is out there. Find out.

The First Quarter Moon offers the opportunity to build on a new plan or idea. Through careful organization you can rise to the occasion, even if it means tearing down the old in order to recreate the new. Be a trailblazer. Just don’t let the need for excitement create conflict and blind you to the options available to you at this moment in time. They, too, can take you in a new direction.