Micro-Forecast: May 7 to 13, 2012

Mercury entering Taurus tends to stifle communications. Thinking becomes more of a visceral experience. In other words, you know that a certain color or shape will work in your garden, but expressing it in succinct words is not that easy. This suggests the need to really ask the other person what they think, what they feel, and, more importantly, what they want. You can this week come to some sort of agreement that is not only positive, but encourages a joyful opportunity closer to week’s end. The discussions beginning this week are discussions that may take several weeks to complete as Venus begins her retrograde position next week.

The Sun conjuncts Jupiter once a year making the coming together of these two beneficent planets one of the best times to begin a new project. All heartfelt endeavors have the best chance of success in the coming year.