Micro-Forecast: May 14 to 20, 2012

Granted this week’s eclipse at 00° Gemini brings some edgy energy into play. The intellect is in conflict with the emotions as both sides of Gemini vie for position. Along with that any time there is an eclipse, things appear or feel dark and unclear. With the Sun in the beginning of Gemini, it feels anxious and requires some sort of outlet like walking, running, working out, or, something that gets you breathing because breath is consciousness. If you find yourself sighing a lot, then you aren’t breathing very deeply! Get some fresh air.

Venus begins what will be a 6-week period of retrograde in Gemini, meaning this is not a good time to make any important relationship decisions. Reviewing your relationship history, both positive and those not so positive occurrence, may give you a fresh perspective and new insight. Caution is suggested as you decide upon certain purchases and the desires behind those purchases. The value may not really be worth the price!