Micro-Forecast: April 9 to 15, 2012

Everyone has been looking forward to the large ‘exhale’ that Mars brings when it goes direct. And this is the week in which that happens. Starting construction or starting that project that has had you befuddled begins to move in a more positive direction as the direction of Mars shifts. Putting the hard work effort into whatever needs to be done and even losing a little sleep isn’t so bad this week. Judge and mark your time and lay out a time chart for what needs to be done. Daily lists are a great start. And it can’t be all done at one time!

This week’s last quarter Moon may bring a crisis in consciousness as Pluto also retrogrades on April 10 at 9 degrees of Capricorn. Old systems, methods, equipment and values seem old and outworn. If you’ve been doing anything at all this past winter — like sorting out your life — this could be the start of something very new and fresh in your work and professional life. The here and now gives way to an internal process of reorientation. Take some time for necessary reflection before plowing ahead, and, above all, be patient with those who cannot keep up.