Micro-Forecast: January 23 to 29, 2012

This is one of those rare weeks where Mars, the planet of motivation and direction, begins its retrograde period. This often delays plans and sends people scurrying to find an answer here and there. Plans that have been unclear up to now may require another couple of months before you have all the relevant information you need to create an organized plan. As Americans, this doesn’t sit with the impatient aspect of our psyche, but, in fact, may be the wisest thing we can do until Mars goes direct in mid April!!! Use this time to research and talk with others from different cultures.

Every two years Mars goes retrograde for over two months. Mars energy is naturally directed outward. During this retrograde period, one’s drive tends to repress; physical expression, assertiveness, desire, and competitive self-interest wane. Emotions that are usually externalized become internalized. Rather than allow this to cause frustration, use this time to review what is not working and what can be improved.