A Yod by Transit & What It Means for You

In looking through the ephemeris for the first 15 days of February, I noted that three planets are forming what is termed “a Yod”. This rare configuration, often called a Finger of God aspect, suggested an implied pattern of destiny for wherever it falls in the horoscope. In other words, opportunity shows its face in the most unlikely places. You are in the right place at the right time for the return on this gift. The only codicil with the following brief summaries is that Mars, the planet of action and strategy, has been appearing as though moving backwards in the sky since December. Soon, however, it moves forward in mid-March and starts working at full steam in mid-May. Thus a certain delay in the opportunity is also present.

The Yod suggests that these first few days of February were a set-up period for something far more remarkable in late spring. Regardless, the good fortune requires some soul searching on the part of each of you as one of the planets involved in this configuration is Jupiter (opportunity) currently moving quickly through Pisces, one of the most spiritual points of the zodiac, where everything is cleaned and ‘toxic waste management’ of one’s life takes place. A spiritual or creative practice is conducive to the process of waste removal. Clearing out toxins in our lives requires a conscious effort towards obstacle removal and refocusing the new space you open for yourself onto something you love to do — creatively — whether it is writing, talking, traveling, or helping and this alignment insures a return on the fortunate Yod or wish over the course of the next few months.

For Aries: Incorporate a spiritual practice and/or a creative idea into something that could generate not only revenues but also some fun. Sort through an issue you have with loved ones and make some decisions in order to move forward with projects.

For Taurus: Incorporate working or teaching to groups, demonstrating newly developed techniques and methods for added resources and partnership possibilities that are long term and stable. Key thing is you don’t have to live in one place to make money and prosper. The world is your oyster and all you have to figure out is how to carry that shell on your back.

For Gemini: Incorporate travel and business and design a portfolio or some sort of presentation piece. When you do, someone shows up to offer you a professional opportunity. With a little flexibility and a lot of imagination you can create something new that incorporates the traditional and the unconventional. You hold the perfect hybrid.

For Cancer: Incorporate your ability to bring together people that may have similar values to change something that is globally needed. The technology and the expertise are right there and help make for more efficient project management allowing you to fulfill responsibilities confronting you on the home front.

For Leo: Incorporate your ability to join people together in joint investment or financial efforts as well as fund raising efforts. You soon have the energy and the representatives to further your idea through a greater communication network. This is a win-win for everyone involved financially and soulfully.

For Virgo: Partnerships are definitely highlighted — whether professional or personal or both. Opportunities present themselves from the reputation you’ve achieved. Sorting out your personal financial affairs is the first step towards having more freedom to exercise and expand your vision offering more long-term return and steady cash flow.

For Libra: Release yourself from unhealthy relationships that come from all portions of your lives — peers, difficult family members, long-term friendships as well as professional associations that you’ve definitely outgrown. One of the keys for moving you forward is to complete a license, a certification, or training program. Align yourself with people that work as thoughtfully as you do and you find yourself in a new life as well as work environment.

For Scorpio: Incorporate more fun into your life which assists in opening up your creative juices, which are clogged. Yes, you struggle to find your new life and its direction and this requires patience as well as faith that it will be revealed to you in time. Part of what helps is a creative project that generates beauty and peace. Sort out the closets of your mind consciously or with the help of a qualified therapist. Are your beliefs yours or someone else’s?

For Sagittarius: Incorporate more support from family or those like family and make some long-term plans for travel and learning with each other. Freedom is great, but sometimes freedom doesn’t come unless you unleash the confines of your mind. Vision is wonderful, but needs a practical base and the right people who can open the right doors for you. Cultivate those people who open up the doors and remember them on the way up. Appreciation and gratitude is key.

For Capricorn: What is holding you down financially? Perhaps a budget or a hard look at how much you’ve overextended yourself is in order. Certainly the best things in life are great, but they aren’t free. Capricorn knows this for sure, but if you want more time to see the world and roam it, then re-inventing the day to day is in order. You are not afraid of work, but all work and no play — well you know the drill…You can even work and travel. How about that?

For Aquarius: Discard old rules regarding relationships and open yourself up to new perspectives and options regarding relationships. Too many rules limit your options. Key thing to remember is that you are different and that type of partner is expected for your ever changing personality. There may be extremes in age, culture, and interests, but the differences make for a good match. Someone more anchored and traditional may be worth a second look.

For Pisces: Incorporate your light and humor into your day to day work routine and find all types of interesting work that allows for your more expansive fluidity established over the past few years. Your many interests and skills beg to be incorporated into a unique presentation whose time has come. The new technologies are at your doorstep just begging for your use. Expand, go forth and prosper.

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Happy February!
Georgia (still in New Zealand, but coming home soon).