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Mercury, the planet of communicating, enters the fierier sign of Sagittarius on Monday, where it remains for about four weeks. After being in the sign of Scorpio for way too long (since October 3), it finally moves itself into a far livelier pattern of thinking. Sagittarius is the sign of exploration, adventure, curiosity, and talking (a lot). This is a very different energy than the pondering thought processes invoked by Scorpio’s influence over the last two months.

Since Mercury is in Sagittarius, which is ruled by fortunate Jupiter, this is a great month in which to envision ideas, share them and cultivate relationships with those who can help you share and promote your vision.

On December 12, Chiron, the comet that has much to do with healing of wounds — both psychological as well as physical, has now gone direct at 1º Aries (a very strong cardinal point in the zodiac). This indicates ideas for such things as: better health, applications for improving health, healthy exercise and exercise programs that involve walking or some sort of aerobics. The Christmas season will be fast upon us and this week offers opportunities to get ahead of the holiday demands.

The Full Moon in Gemini on Wednesday, December 11, livens things up even more. For those who are risk averse, this might be a good week in which to take a chance and cultivate relationships that work with you rather than against you, where each person is fully aware of their part in the joint venture. Friday Mars (energy) is in line with Neptune, offering a flow of information. Do a little more research this weekend with people who have depth, persistence and fortitude.

Jupiter enters Capricorn on December 2, where it remains until the end of 2020. This is a 12-year return cycle. In many circles, Jupiter here is in its fall astrologically. However, this year Jupiter’s ingress into Capricorn may be the saving grace we all need as we move through this next year and confront the first of three very major conjunctions in 2020.

The first alignment of Saturn and Pluto is on January 12, 2020, and usually portends massive changes in government, rules, laws, structure, and even currency. This isn’t pleasant because it indicates a lot of change. However, with Jupiter coming up behind and crossing over this alignment in spring 2020, any big changes that were deemed necessary have a more positive outcome.

For the Pacific Time zone, Jupiter in Capricorn is concentrated in the twelfth house of the West Coast chart, which is a very private house. Planets buried in the 12th house often indicate a need to remove oneself from the day-to-day existence. Removing oneself does not imply disconnection. This is the house representing incubation of new ideas, research, finding things out behind the scenes, and is a very powerful but does not show immediate results. Over time, fresh ideas will be revealed. Jupiter’s entrance into Capricorn in the Eastern Time zone chart, in this example the New York chart, is at the very top of chart, where everything is exposed and can be seen, confronted, and changed. These are two different expressions of Jupiter energy. The Western region chart shows internal changes over time that will be revealed and eventually be the engine, but not immediately.

After December 8, when Mercury gets back to where it went retrograde a few weeks ago, more will be revealed.

With the New Moon in positive Sagittarius on Tuesday, November 26, start your Thanksgiving preparation a little early. The New Moon always gives us more energy but there may be far more guests coming to your event than planned, as Uranus (sudden exciting changes) is active this week. It is aligning itself with good luck Jupiter, so it may be a larger event. It also aligns with Venus (which makes for unusual table settings and social environments). As we begin our Thanksgiving festivities in America, remember how much we really do have to be thankful for, regardless of the catastrophic events of the last year. The key is finding connections with those closest to us. Make time to talk with each other and don’t worry about the time, just hang out late into the night and share the positives, remembering all that is there to be thankful for.

The holidays often bring a type of nostalgia and this year isn’t any different. It may be more nostalgic than usual as Neptune, a romantic and nostalgic planet, is turning to go direct on November 27, at 15º Pisces. It went retrograde during the third week of June and is just now turning to look as if it is going forward. For many of you, you may have started entertaining the idea of a new creative project, either a remodeling project or an artistic project, but with the intense eclipses of last summer, those plans may have been set aside or even waylaid. Now, with Neptune moving in a direct motion, those born in the middle degrees of Pisces, Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, and Capricorn, will have the combination of ability, experience, and opportunity to assist with making plans and changes.

For those born in the middle of Aquarius, Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, and Sagittarius, keep track of spending as you move through these changes. Think twice about whether this is or is not a good moment to take that big personal chance you’ve been debating. It is possible and there may still be a few things you need to review before signing on the dotted line

You may feel the need for a mental B12 shot to give you more energy than you have had in the last few weeks. This just may be the week! Mercury goes direct on November 20, at 11º Scorpio 55′. A couple of days later, November 22, the Sun enters optimistic Sagittarius. Over the course of the following four weeks, the Sun will run closer and closer to Jupiter in the good fortune sign of Sag. If you want to wrap up projects, get ready for a new project, or plan new travels and new adventures, these next few weeks are the set-up time.

We have an added gift of Venus with Jupiter in Sagittarius on Sunday, November 24. Plan on socializing, connecting with friends, or just setting aside time to enjoy. This is a wonderful time to make both personal and professional connections, make reasonable requests and even a few unreasonable requests. For those on Pacific Time, this combination occurs in the second house of cash flow, assets, personal values and hidden gifts, this may be a good time to buy or sell items in order to receive the value. For those on Eastern Time, it takes place in the first house of physical energy and identity. Therefore, this alignment is wonderful for personal care, physical body improvements and working on improving your public persona. I.E. a great makeover times.

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This week brings us the Full Moon on Tuesday, November 12. This is in Taurus and is in wonderful aspect to Saturn, the builder, and Neptune, the dreamer. Many of the plans activated in the autumn of 2018 are all coming to a head now, as we are in the last few weeks before Jupiter leaves Sagittarius and enters Capricorn on December 2, 2019. Though Mercury remains in retrograde position, it is working with Saturn (planning) and Pluto (researching how to get the funding or letting go of certain things to acquire more useable assets).

Part of the changes we are seeing this week could be a re-assessment of the people with whom we are doing business, the network that allows us access, and our suppliers and distributors. Full Moons are about removing the extraneous so that life becomes more streamlined. And, streamlined is going to be the message going into 2020, as we have just another two months before the long-awaited Saturn/Pluto alignment on January 12, 2020. This is the month in which to let go of the unnecessary and follow through with this theme in the next few weeks.

This is Election week and what a story the sky must tell. As you may recall, last week I mentioned that Mercury, the planet of communications, equipment that conveys communication and anything that has to do with mental order is now moving in retrograde motion. This means that there are going to be some slip ups, screw ups, or just plain not paying attention to details. The election falls on Tuesday, November 5, during what we term a Void of Course Moon. Void of Course Moons are traditionally viewed as ‘nothing will come of the matter’.

The Moon, which often symbolizes the public and its responses, is not making any aspects until later in the day. The last connection the Moon has with a planet before it goes void is said to give us insight into the hours that follow. The last connection of the Moon in Aquarius (the public) is an adverse distance to Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio. This could beg the question that the public is angered enough and fed up enough that they either DO NOT go the polls in order to change things (WRONG CHOICE) or they DO go the polls in throngs to fight back the negative energies of these last politically charged months in the U.S.A.

On the day prior to the election, Mars and Pluto are in adverse aspect and this aspect usually angers people enough to do something about the current circumstances. I am hopeful. The key here, however, is will the election machines be working properly? Will electrical grids go off (not uncommon with retrograde Mercury), or will there be mass misunderstandings with how to use the voting equipment? Or further ‘tampering’?

Could the larger social media sites have ‘leaks’ that they do not foresee, nor plan for, causing more hacking issues with US elections? These are all possibilities — the darkest possibilities. Now for some light.

Two days later November 7, good luck Jupiter gets back to where it went retrograde several months earlier. This might help lift spirits somewhat. Jupiter returning to its original position, where it started looking as though it was going backwards, is good. It often designates a blip of positive options for people who have been working towards changing their lives in a positive way. A day or so later the Sun in Scorpio is in beautiful aspects to Saturn and Neptune, offering support and solidarity. This is a good combination for nailing down a portion of a larger plan from earlier in the summer.

Surprises continue this week when the New Moon sparks energetically with Uranus. As we let go of the past by clearing our environment, we set into motion a process of inviting new things in, especially with the New Moon at 4º Scorpio, opposing Uranus on both Sunday, October 27, and Monday, October 28. When Uranus (the god of chaos and innovation) is involved in a cosmic configuration, we get sudden insights, flashes of another way of doing things, a clearer perspective, and often some familial surprises along the way involving our paternal and maternal family members. Some of these changes will, indeed, require a hard focus to put certain matters to bed as Mercury begins its retrograde motion on October 31 at 28º Scorpio, and continues all the way through November 20. Yes, Mercury is retrograde and will be retrograde next week during American elections. Hmmm. I say hmmm.

Though the energy may feel heavier this week, Venus finishes running through Scorpio all the way through late afternoon November 1. At that juncture, Venus enters the more fun, lighthearted and freeing sign of Sagittarius. In other words, though Mercury is retrograde, the energy is lighter after November 1 because Venus begins to run with lucky Jupiter traveling its last days of transit through Sagittarius.

It will be a month of paradox. Both sad and joyful events are in the picture. And this is the true energy of Scorpio or Plutonian energy. A door closes and windows open.

Daylight Savings starts November 3.

This week’s Last Quarter Moon is the time of the month to clean things up and clear things out, such as the desk, files, cabinets and closets. Doing this invites the new in, and is preparation for the New Moon in Scorpio on Sunday, October 27. With Venus in positive aspect to Neptune on the 21st, it is a good time to visit with friends and family you’ve not seen for a while. This is a time to reconnect. It is also a romantic aspect and plays well with some of the more challenging aspects later this week.

It is always good to bank those memorable experiences to draw from as we move into a time when the days are growing shorter and the nights longer (in the Northern Hemisphere). Those positive memories comfort us as the Sun enters the sign of Scorpio on October 23. The month of Scorpio is often a month of endings or the resolution of issues that have been a burden, or a continuing challenge with something that is out of our control. Scorpio is the time when we begin to feel the autumn chill in the Northern Hemisphere. We look around and our plants are going dormant, we begin lighting fires in our homes for warmth, and layering against the chill. This is the beginning of our internalization process for pending winter, when we explore our inner needs.

Mercury, the planet of agreements, communications, and technical equipment is active this week. As it moves along, it creates some lovely energy that asks you to think imaginatively (Mercury trine Neptune on October 15), think strategically (Mercury sextile Pluto on October 19) and directs your focus on a possible investment decision that may not be completed until Mercury goes direct November 20. (Mercury doesn’t begin its retrograde period until October 31, but it is indeed slowing down). When Mercury begins to slow down, play with ideas that you’ve been wrestling with. Random ideas from the last year begin to resurface.

As Jupiter (good fortune) is now in direct motion and nicely aspecting Mercury and Mars throughout the month, this could be a good time to start researching a new place to live, a new piece of equipment that will better your communications, or a journey that you’ve wanted to take. Putting ‘psychic feelers’ out there will bring rewards. This is a month of balancing the possibilities with the challenges.

Venus (what we desire) is in a beautiful aspect to Saturn (Planning in a most practical way) on October 20. This could be a good day to solidify the plan for one of those ideas. Watch your voice of judgment telling you things like “you can’t do that.” That can bring the imaginative possibilities of those ‘psychic feelers’ to a roaring halt. It is important to keep your voice of judgement in check.

As Monday starts the week, hit the ground running. The Sun (daily activities) is in a challenging aspect to Saturn (meaning, no fooling around). The parties happening last week mean this week is about getting things done with the Saturn/Sun aspects. Venus enters the sign of Scorpio on Tuesday, the day before Yom Kippur, the day of Atonement, and a quite perfect combination, considering this week’s aspects. These days can be emotionally volatile so stop before you say what you cannot take back. Forgiving people and asking for forgiveness are in order.

The energy is high as Venus in Scorpio runs with brilliant, innovative, and sometimes chaotic Uranus on Saturday, October 12. Get ready for surprises, or out of the box events that allow a change in direction. The weekend also brings us the Full Moon at 20º Aries and 20º Libra. Some big surprises and often very welcome opportunities could present themselves this week, as this Full Moon is challenging the current Saturn/Pluto conjunction. It is also one of those ‘firecracker’ days which are 90-days after the July 16 eclipses, which bring hidden issues to the surface that remained somewhat unseen, or unsettled this past July. (Click here to get a copy of the BRAND NEW 2020 Starcycles Cheat Sheet). Challenge doesn’t always translate as difficult. It can also mean that one must take a chance, jump off the cliff to grab an opportunity floating by.

Venus is squaring Pluto this week. She is exact on October 1. Pluto is much slower and tends to see things in a very black and white way. Something is either good or bad, there really isn’t much gray area when Pluto is involved. The big questions this week-whether in the workplace, our home, or with friends: “What do I value?” “What have I outgrown regarding my values?” “How long will I put up with a behavior from someone I care about that is non-productive and, frankly, destructive to my growth and spirit?” Issues from the past reveal themselves when we least expect. Pluto erupts from the Underworld to show the truth of what has been going on. Hopefully, Venus’ position here will soften the judgment of some of these revelations.

Since this next month is about revelations of many of the political antics of the last two years, do not be surprised if some of the characters showing up in the news surprise you because you didn’t expect them to be involved.

The revelations of last week continue through this week as Pluto is stationing to go direct on Wednesday, October 2, at 21º Capricorn. This is a station point that is extremely powerful as it is close to alignment with Saturn. Whenever Pluto goes direct emotions burst. There are endings, maybe those we love who have been struggling with health issues for some time find a resolution, or we see resolution of ongoing issues that were not resolved when Pluto went retrograde last April. We see emotional outbursts that we never saw coming. We make decisions that are powerful, requiring some sort of sacrifice psychologically or financially in order to become empowered. We decide to seek therapy. We decide to let go of some major investments.

With Mercury in the last degrees of Libra on October 2, and Mars at the very end of Virgo on October 3, during the entire time that Pluto is stationing to go direct, be ready for some surprises regarding bosses, authority figures, your company, as well as positive resolutions to empower bosses, companies and authority figures. It is suggested you wait on major decisions until both Mercury and Mars change signs after October 3 and 4. With Pluto going direct, and if one has been conscientious about changes in this last few months, things can change for the better rapidly. If one has not been conscientious, perhaps putting things off like financial responsibilities, then it can be a bit more trying. Pluto is black and white.

The weekend brings us two more days of those Moon/Saturn/Pluto occultations mentioned in September. Rest is suggested. Sleep and dreams help incubate what in the waking stages is often impossible.

The key to the Fall Equinox (equal day and equal night) occurring on Monday, September 23, is that life issues that have been challenging in the last year are coming to a head and a balanced decision with a positive outcome is possible. Some of the decisions people will make in the next few weeks may be hard choices, since Saturn gets involved in about 15 days, but they aren’t difficult to make because they are realistic and practical. Hard choices require courage and a strategic approach to those choices. “If I do A then I will get B” or “If I choose A I could get C.” Once the Equinox kicks in on the 23rd, those decisions may seem a bit clearer and a direction appears.

This is supported by the fact that Venus and Saturn are in hard aspect to each other on the 25th, which means the choice is duty over pleasure. Once you have an idea of which way to go with your decision then research time kicks in with the Mercury square Pluto aspect on September 26. It is time to attack a confusing problem, delve into it and sort out the truth from fantasy.

As the New Moon (new beginnings) starts on September 28, it has a little more ‘oomph’ than the New Moon in Libra usually has because it is in a wide alignment with Mars, the go getter of the zodiac, pushing one to get off the fence and make a decision. This New Moon is 90-days after the July Total Solar Eclipse on July 2. At that time, an earthquake rumbled Southern California with the Ridgecrest earthquakes and conjuncted the USA Sun sign in Cancer. This is one of two days this month that are ‘firecracker’ days in our annual Starcycles Cheat Sheet. There may have been many ideas, particularly around sorting out one’s future security, housing and family issues that cropped up at that time, creating new thought patterns on how to live and think differently. We had to go through the eclipses of July to really feel how things might be if we don’t change. We may have been challenged to sort things out because of living in ‘shadow’ at that time. The month of October is about finally seeing ‘how’ to make changes. With so many planets in Libra, air signs, it is a refreshing way to move forward.