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I have not forgotten my weekly forecasts and I really miss all of you. I took a little time off over the holidays to do some personal projects and I will get those forecasts back up and running over the course of the next couple of weeks.

Meantime, here is a little tidbit, the full moon on the 20th and 21st is the last lunar eclipse in Leo at this position. these are what I call the leftover eclipses where we clean up confusion in our lives or change or make decisions that we started making about a year-and-a-half ago.

They particularly impact those born in early Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. Or those with planets in those early degrees.

Jobs, relationships, locations, bosses, partnerships-all the big issues in human lives, are highlighted now and they can be good changes – though sometimes stressful.

In many ways, it may feel like now or never and may even hearken back to unresolved issues from 19 years ago around 2000.

More clarity comes after this eclipse.

If it doesn’t happen in the next few weeks, it will probably happen by about late April. I hope that helps for now and I promise I’ll be back online in the next couple of weeks. Thank you for all your support and I hope you’re having a wonderful year. Georgia Stathis

Happy early New Year! This is the last forecast of the year and we here at Starcycles wish you the best of possibilities in the next year. 2019 will prove to be an interesting year in that it is the last year before 2020 where three major cycles–called Synodic Cycles, and the topic of my new book, Pushing through Time–are ending their varied orbits.

Anytime we have a ‘pile up’ of cycles ending, we have a choice on how we deal with the end. Those choices make a difference in how you begin anew when the cycles start again at various times in 2020. At the end of a cycle, one can choose to become more and more frantic, because the longing for change is so overwhelming when the end seems interminable. In our more frantic and anxious approach, we get tired, exhausted and frustrated. There are things that need attention during these periods, but the increased anxieties may keep us from doing those things. We can then end up unprepared when the ‘new’ begins.

The other way of navigating through these end-of-cycle periods (again they are throughout 2019) is to incubate, cogitate, and let go. 2019 marks the finish of THREE very important synodic cycles. The Saturn/Pluto cycle of 38 years (last began in 1982), Jupiter/Pluto cycle of 13 years (last happened in December 2007), and finally, the 20-year Jupiter/Saturn cycle (last happened in the earth sign Taurus in 2000) and which is ending its 200-year cycle through the element of earth. In 2020, this particular Jupiter/Saturn cycle begins a new 200-year cycle of 20-year increments in air signs, which is very different from the more grounded earth signs.

For a very cursory explanation of what each of these represents, here they are. Saturn/Pluto cycles of approximately 38 years require a death and rebirth of existing structures–literally and figuratively. This can range from land to government to currency and is a response to an over expansion in areas no longer working within the current environment. Jupiter/Pluto cycles of approximately 13 years, offer great benefits both financially and emotionally if greed and hubris have not taken over that process. Jupiter/Saturn provides the checks and balances needed to balance out overindulgences, overextensions and irresponsibility. If you have tried to be responsible, there are wonderful opportunities. If you have avoided responsibility, the Saturn, the planet of Karma, will require payment.

In other words, as we welcome 2019, we all can change the way we live our lives, making them work for us and those we love by helping others as part of the path to being prosperous and happy. If you have been successful financially, have you shared with an organization, fund, or group who need support? Are you volunteering or supporting a cause that reflects positive values? I have found in my travels that those people who have been very successful and happy are those who fund community projects, education and anything that lifts our society. I have also found that those who do not have much are some of the most giving. They choose to give to those who need more than they often have. The sharing is key. Not just taking and accumulating. The best way to maneuver through these cycles are to consider where you can make a positive impact, a small effort toward making the world in better place before the shifts begin in 2020.

Finally, Mercury is back on track after it is retrograde. Everything is all systems go as we enter Christmas and Kwanzaa week. Happy Holidays to everyone. Make this a holiday season that is remembered not because of the gifts but because of the kindness we are shown and the kindness we show to others. It is, after all, the season of light. Enlightenment has been a word often overused during many years, but it is a good word. Enlightenment flies high above our mundane lives and is a frame of mind that is built on awareness, forgiveness and insight. I wish you all of these as we end our year.

I have had my share of challenges in these last years, many of which were very difficult and with which I still struggle. However, I go out into my garden at night and look up at the night sky, open my arms and thank whoever is running the show up there for what I have been given. I ask that same energy to watch over those I love, have loved and lost, and for those I do not know. Years ago, I used to present an annual forecast at The Unity Center, in Walnut Creek, CA. They were magical evenings. Someone at the center had found the following written on a wall and had it made into little placards, to this day it is what greets people when they come into my home:

Good Morning. This is God. I will be handling all your problems today.
I will not need your help, so have a good day.

The week has a bunch of energy, which we all need as the Christmas season is upon us. Monday has Mars motivation working with Pluto (which pushes through to get things done). Anybody for a late-night tree lighting? Venus returns to the degree where she went retrograde on October 5, getting back on track. For the last couple of months, she has been traveling through the natural zodiac’s eighth house, which concerns itself with the deeper issues of life, birth, death, transformation and release. The eighth house is also associated with resources we share with our closest partners, our frozen assets, and by working with others how we make our income. These last few months have offered an exploration of whether this is working for us or not. With Venus finally returning to its retrograde position of 10º Scorpio, we can now solve, or resolve, financial issues that must be sorted through to move forward emotionally and financially in the next year. If you have been debating about selling a home or finding a new home, this is a prime window that may help you find that special place. The frustrations of the last few months now lift as we end 2018 and approach the first day of Winter, the Winter Solstice, on Friday December 21, along with the Full Moon at 00º Cancer and 00º Capricorn, on Saturday December 22. Lots of news in the following week regarding the new politics in America and the reality of financial industries, often washed over or ignored, during this last year.

A big Happy Holiday wish from myself, Starcycles, and all of us who work together to provide you with information that you can use or help with understanding.

Positive things are happening. We had a New Moon with good luck Jupiter on Friday, December 7, in Sagittarius, and then on Saturday, December 8, Chiron finally went direct at 27º Pisces. For those of you who follow these forecasts, you may recall that last spring Chiron had left Pisces. When planets travel through the tail end of Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac, sorrow is reviewed, released, and hopefully healed. Chiron briefly entered Aries for a few months and then, in late September, Chiron retrograded back to Pisces one last time to finish its ten-year transit, which lasts until February 18, 2019. This provides an opportunity to clear out and clean up the sorrow. Address those things that hold your psyche hostage, seek help through a good counselor and clear out those ideas, or ideals, that you have outgrown. It is the beginning of moving forward into new thoughts, ideas and directions, particularly as Chiron re-enters Aries in February.

Practically speaking, Saturn returns to the position at which it went retrograde earlier this year. Saturn back on course adds to our sense of direction and purpose. Mercury, is leaving Scorpio, where it is an emotional thinker, and enters Sagittarius late on Wednesday, December 12. In Sagittarius, Mercury adds a bit more of an adventurous curiosity to our thinking. You may wish to review potential classes, workshops, or books you would like to read. You may want to plan a last-minute holiday trip to see those you have not seen for a while, or at least to reach out and call them. You may also wish to send those last-minute holiday blessings and gifts.

Hanukkah begins today. This is one of the many celebrations in honor of the return of the light. Many cultural celebrations occur throughout the month of December, which in the Northern Hemisphere is when the daylight hours get shorter until the solstice, when the light returns and the days will slowly have more hours of sunlight. I am in Australia where this is completely reversed. For the Southern Hemisphere, after December 21, the days are slowly becoming shorter.

Light is defined as the absence of darkness. When there is light, we see things. That is the physical ‘light’. But another ‘light’ is insight, awareness, consciousness. Here, we sense things coming (intuitively) and the light of insight tells us be ready, aware or prepared. This season of the return of the light is about coming closer to our own pure light. The light is associated with the Sun. The Sun rules the Sign of Leo (where 2 of the summer eclipses occurred), which in the natural zodiac is the fifth house. The fifth house is the house of playfulness, creativity, the creations of our bodies-our children, or the creations of our minds-creative babies. The bottom line is about expression, creating something in the world, being happy and taking a chance, a risk, or gamble on something.

I am off to one of my all-time favorite countries in a few days. I will be traveling to Australia through mid-December and wanted to get these last thoughts and forecasts out to you before I am traveling. The Sun in Sagittarius is lined up with Jupiter on the first day of this week. This starts the week off on an optimistic note and is probably resulting from some of the more positive events of last week. On Tuesday, the Sun meets up with Mercury, shedding light on an idea recently discussed, or in your purview for the last few weeks. When the Sun and Mercury come together, this starts a new cycle of insight and ideas and how to get those ideas to materialize. This combo can affect the markets, too. If they are up, then this can reverse them. If they are down, this combo reverses that, temporarily at least. Always remember, as an investor you have to have your ‘list’ next to you, the list that has your research on it and one you feel confident about. When markets shift, this is the time to buy.

This week is the Last Quarter Moon phase, which means it is time to clean off your desk and get some extra rest. It can mean that you are confident about whether to keep an idea going or let it go, making room for something better to enter your life. If you are weighing whether to work on a relationship or not, that decision should wait until Venus gets back to where she went retrograde, which happens on December 18. Venus is in Libra and here she has a hard time deciding. If you are going back and forth with trying to decide on a job, a house, or some event that is possibly stressing you, get out of your rational mind. Do something physical, like taking a hike or cleaning out the garage. This allows your subconscious to process what you need to do without —while your body is at work.

Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate this United States holiday. This week’s full moon falls late on Thanksgiving Day and is in the sign of early Gemini. The Sun, our daily light, just entered Sagittarius early on Thanksgiving Day. Remember full moons are when the Earth is between the Sun and the Moon, which is one of the reasons some may feel stretched.

It is likely that this long holiday weekend will be full of parties, travel, and over the top behavior. Jupiter (the planet of grand plans and expansive ideals) just entered Sagittarius. When Jupiter is lined up with the Moon, it lends its ‘big’ nature, which can also be over exaggeration or over reaction to a situation. Jupiter in Sagittarius is one of the luckier places for Jupiter. It enters Sagittarius every twelve years, and this year it started its ingress into Sagittarius on the November 8, just a couple of days after the mid-term elections. It remains in Sagittarius until December 2, 2019.

Jupiter in Sagittarius has the reputation of being somewhat inflated. The last time it was in Sagittarius was at the end of 2007, when it lined up with Pluto, and the mortgage-backed securities were about to open Pandora’s box. This was a time when people would soon realize that the value of whatever they had purchased was inflated. Now, I am not saying this to frighten you. In different industries, this can be a perk, as well as a turning point. For example, if properties have become so inflated in one region, people are often willing to move away in order to purchase property that is far more affordable. This means that people move to different regions (Sagittarius is about traveling long distances) to attain their goals. There is a shift that takes place-a need to become free of something-and not be as encumbered as they might have felt while Jupiter was in the sign of Scorpio, a fixed sign that holds on for dear life.

My question to you is, now that Venus is direct and Neptune is going direct, on Saturday, November 24, what is your vision? Try not to judge your vision, that just gets in the way. Think about how you see yourself living, working, and living your daily life? Look down the road and think about what feels good about this vision? What feels heavy and needs to be discarded? These are the questions to ask as planets go direct.

These are also questions to ask as Mercury, the way we process information, remains retrograde until December 6. Do the research, ask the questions, write the inquiries, make the phone calls. If something you want is not available, be persistent. See it and believe it.

I do not know about you, but I am looking forward to Mars leaving Aquarius, where it has been since May 2018. On Thursday, November 15, Mars enters the gentle sign of Pisces. It is time for a gentler motivation than the extremes that we have seen since Mars first entered Aquarius in last spring. Normally, Mars takes eight weeks to move through a sign, but this has been a long transit because Mars went retrograde, then direct, and had to catch up with itself, which usually takes 90 days. In Aquarius, the sign of extremes, we see, and saw, extreme movements, emotions, actions, revolution, startling reminders of a world in turmoil skewed by aberrant ideas and ideals. With Mars entering Pisces, over the course of the next eight weeks, we may find ourselves tired and not as pushed to get things done-perhaps we just must recover, but also because it is time to go inside and find out what really matters spiritually and creatively.

Mars in Pisces often has a bad reputation in the cookbook world of astrology. Mars is the planet of action and motivation and since Pisces is not ‘outwardly’ motivated, the thought is it is not very directed. However, the thing we do not often read about Mars in Pisces, or any water sign for that matter, is that inspiration motivates. When one is inspired, one acts on their vision. With Mars in a good aspect to Saturn (stability) and Pluto (transformation) over the course of the next few weeks, a lot can be done. Maybe it is time to make a holiday card instead of ordering it, maybe it is time to catch up on all that reading that is piling up, which might provide an insight or an idea to regarding your direction. Perhaps it is time to get some friends together and make a vision board for the coming year. I know it seems like a long way off, but it is not. And, it is never too early to envision something fresh and new while letting go of outworn emotions, items and thoughts that keep you from moving forward.

This is a very important time in the U.S.A, Election Day is on Tuesday November 6. I have always voted even when frustrated regarding the ‘political menu’. In the early 1960s, I lived in another country for a few months. I was very young but I saw what it was like to not have the amenities and the options we have in America. Whether we like what is going on politically or not, we really do have to vote. If we do not, our Democracy–more like our freedom of choice-is compromised and chiseled away at, piece-by-piece and bit by bit, until the lunatics are in charge of the asylum. I am not pointing to any particular party or politician but I am saying that if we do what we always have done, then we will keep getting what we have always gotten politically. For many of these politicians, it is time to leave, whether Democrat, Republican or Independent. For many of the politicians running the U.S. government-435 in the House of Representatives, and 100 Senators-they keep doing the same old, same old.

This Democratic process is taking place as Venus is retrograde. There is also the New Moon in Scorpio, at 15º and exactly 90-days after the last eclipse of August 18, 2018. I find it very interesting that one planet that is hanging around these last two 90-day periods is the planet Uranus, which is the planet of awakening. It is the planet that allows us to think outside of the box, bringing sudden pieces of information to light that can wake us up and encourage action.

As I close this week’s series of thoughts I ask that you think about this, when the USA government was formed, and the constitution signed, the population of the United States was 4,000,000. If you do the math, dividing 4,000,000 by 535, that comes out to a representative for every 7,476 persons! Now, with the population at 327 million people, that representation for the entire United States comes out to a representative to every 611,215 people!! Think about that…. Each one of those numbers, if of age, has a voice. Do not give up your voice. And, as always, it is your choice.

I am in Chicago this week attending the amazing National Hellenic Museum’s annual Kouzina event. I am on the board of the National Hellenic Museum whose mission is to preserve the history and culture of the Hellenes, the Greeks. Kouzina, in Greek, means kitchens. This event has Greek foods, chefs from all over the Chicago area, and a coming together in celebration at this amazing museum in the middle of Greek Town — near the University of Illinois Circle campus. I find this interesting in that on Tuesday and Wednesday the Moon enters Cancer, the sign of kitchens, food, and families. Thursday the Moon enters the fun and playful sign of Leo. Mercury, the planet of communication, just entered the relating sign of Libra on Wednesday. This could be a week of get-togethers, celebrations and visiting those we have not seen for a while.

Since the Total Eclipse on July 27 was in early degrees of Leo and Aquarius, those born in the first five to six days of Leo, Aquarius, Taurus and Scorpio are definitely making some changes. A decision may be happening this week regarding very important areas-where you live, work, and relationships. Venus enters Libra at the end of the week and this certainly helps to focus on all of these very important aspects of our lives.

On Tuesday, the Sun moves into tropical Scorpio for a few weeks. Its passage usually signifies the transition between the autumn and winter because it is the mid-point of these two seasons in the Northern Hemisphere. (It is the transition time from spring to summer in the southern hemisphere-something I have never been able to wrap my head around. Since earliest roots of Western astrology began in the Northern Hemisphere, I suspect that explains this perspective.)

The big Full Moon on Wednesday, October 24 is the 90-day segment after the Total Lunar Eclipse of late July 2018. This is an important week of ‘ah ha’ moments, insights and decisions. That full moon was lined up with Uranus, the planet of in-the-moment changes. There are moments in all our lives where we really do get it. Where we really do understand that we need to make a choice regarding which direction we will take now that winter is approaching. Scorpio is, after all, about choice.

The Sun will transit over retrograding Venus on Friday, October 26. Light may be shed on an existing relationship that has remained confusing.