Georgia Stathis presents her monthly Starcycles astrology podcast.

Mercury, the planet of communication is getting back to where it went retrograde this week, which usually means that our brains are back in working order. Clarity continues throughout this week as we are in the 90-day period after the April 4, 2015 Total Lunar Eclipse at 14° Libra 24′. However, the clarity may also be extreme since the Full Moon of July 1 continues to run side by side with Pluto. Sun/Pluto are in alignment for the rest of the week, which means that many choices are put before us, many of which require objective, but stern decisions that define our parameters and boundaries. There is a great line in the cult movie, “Dirty Dancing”, and it is, “This is my dance space and this is yours!” This is what the week offers as you move through the check points steeped in reality and presented by the Full Moon in Capricorn.

If you are coming from a clear headed and non-emotional, but logical place, then know that your choices are correct. This is supported by the fact that Mercury and Jupiter and Venus dance with each other in favorable ways this week offering support. Throw a little Uranus energy (innovative solutions) into the mix around the 2nd and 3rd and those difficult decisions of a few days prior now seem like old news. As the weekend finishes, Mercury and Venus are in harmony with each other along with the Moon in Pisces, which is a wonderful time to walk along water’s edge, watch the ‘fireworks’ from afar and proceed as planned. Happy Independence Day!

Chiron, often referred to as the ‘wounded healer’, is stationing to go retrograde this week on Wednesday, June 24 at 21° Pisces 33′. I don’t really like calling Chiron a ‘wounded healer’, although that is exactly what he was in mythology. What I do prefer calling Chiron is that he is a Hybrid of sorts. He is half mortal, half god; half man, half horse, and is of two minds — he sees sides, the old ways of doing things and the newer unprecedented way of doing things. He is a bridge, and that is a perfect explanation because Chiron, a comet, orbits between Saturn (conservative thinking) and Uranus (out of the box thinking).

As he begins his retrograde journey this week and continues to retrograde until November 27, the opportunities to take a hard look at how our subconscious has a way of shooting ourselves in the foot or building new possibilities all dependent upon our mindset and mind chatter. There is an old saying, “the power of the word” or “power of the mind”. If you think you can, you will. If you think you can’t, you won’t. What keeps you from thinking you can’t? Is it fear, is it programming, or is it that it really isn’t important? This is important to discern what it is that holds you back, if, in fact, something is holding you back. Chiron retrogrades in the Scorpio section of Pisces, so it means that you really do have to look at the side you really don’t care to look at. If you do, it could change your life. Would that be so bad?

Of course, this doesn’t happen just this week, but is a process that evolves over the course of the next few months. Chiron is often associated with counselors, coaches, healers, objective parties, mentors. It could even be that someone younger is your coach or mentor. Look around, there is someone waiting in the wings to guide you to that new life.

Tuesday, June 16, is the New Moon (new beginnings) at 25° Gemini 07′ and it is also the 90-days after the Total Solar Eclipse at 29° Pisces 57′ on March 20. Usually these 90 day periods offer perspective on something that seemed unclear at the time of the eclipse. Either you gain insight or your surrounding circumstances inspire that perspective, because you now have moved past the blind spot that hit you earlier this year. There will be another one of these ’90-days’ periods at the end of June as well.

During this same period (just yesterday), we had a Sun/Mars alignment at 23° Gemini 17′, giving this particular week extra juice to get out there and get something done. Sun/Mars alignments offer more energy and in the sign of Gemini, it might be something needing two heads rather than one for solving a problem. Those two heads could figure out the ‘best way’ to write something, or, market something. It might mean that you are inspired to start exercising on a regular basis, or a decision is made regarding licensing or training courses that you’ve long wanted to explore. These are all good uses of this conjunction. New opportunities are coming. Watch the sign posts in the road . So the question is, “what are you going to do about this fabulous opportunity when it shows up?”

Whew! Did you get things sorted out last week? Hopefully you did, which means that this week approaching the Last Quarter Moon at 18°Pisces30′, we clean the slate. There is support here as the week begins with a lovely aspect between the Sun and Jupiter (a warm and fuzzy feeling surrounds us) and the next two days are also supported by Mars and Uranus I alignment (energetic insight). On Wednesday, June 10, Mercury and Venus are also in fabulous aspect affording a wonderful social setting with good conversations and insights, where someone or a group could show up to help you sort out a business issue or a home building project that needs solving.

It is also the day before Mercury goes direct, so things are feeling a lot more optimistic than they might have felt at last week’s Full Moon. Mercury is direct on Thursday June 11 at 3:33 PM Pacific Time and 6:33 pm Eastern time at 4° Gemini 33′ resolving something left unattended within the immediate family or family like circle in mid-May. With Mars and Chiron in stress aspect to each other on the same day that Mercury goes direct, a coach, counsellor or teacher may prove to be of great help neutralizing a situation that everyone realizes must be addressed and needs a third party.

Since Neptune goes retrograde on Friday June 12 at 9° Pisces 19′, this is particularly important, because Neptune retrogrades are about exploring our inner lives, our inner consciousness and discovering how our inner thoughts drive our outer lives. William James once said, “The greatest revolution in our generation is the discovery that human beings, by challenging the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives.”

Georgia Stathis presents her monthly Starcycles astrology podcast.

Tuesday, June 2, is the Full Moon at 11° Sagittarius 49′. This is a pretty lively full moon with lots of people discussing lots of things excitedly and often without any sort of filters. Sagittarius is known for their ‘truthfulness’, but sometimes the ‘truthfulness’ is more tactless than truthful. Stepping over feelings without intending to is possible. Since the Full Moon is activated by over reactive Mars, chatty Mercury, and diffusive Neptune, it might be a good idea to really think about what you’re saying, or, rather how you are saying something before opening your mouth to ‘share’ what is on your mind.

On the other hand, this Full Moon may be just the ticket to finish something that has been hanging around much too long and needs venting and clarity. Feelings run high, though, since Venus is still traveling through sensitive Cancer through Friday June 5, when it enters Leo. The better strategy may be to note what you are feeling around the Full Moon (actually write it down so you don’t change it in your head) and ask for a discussion surrounding that issue closer to the weekend, when Mars and Jupiter are in positive connection to each other (offering a way to express yourself more succinctly) and on Saturday, June 6, when Venus and Saturn are also in good aspect to each other, a practical no nonsense communication is offered as well as received.

The week begins with practical Moon in Virgo as the First Quarter Moon along with unpredictable Venus square Uranus. This aspect has some good as well as challenging options. The challenging part is that things may be very unpredictable. A sudden meeting spurs some excitement or discord depending on how you respond. That sudden meeting may also feel like magic where romance might even be in the air. Since Mars and Neptune are in aspect that day, it is quite possible. That feeling may or may not be sustainable and highly influenced by the party atmosphere! Perhaps make another appointment, or, date, and get together with that same unusual person later in the week or later in the month for another look. Since Mercury aligns with Mars on Wednesday along with Venus and Chiron, this is probably a good plan. Going to a lecture or a class or a place where you share the same values may be just the ticket in getting to know this new person or finding a likeminded group of people.

On Friday May 29 we are still in the First Quarter phase of the Moon and creative ideas, or, a sit down brainstorming session may be the perfect meeting for Friday as Mercury and Neptune square each other. Saturday May 30, the Sun/Mercury alignment triggers some new conversations and solutions to sticky problems. Turn ideas around, ask silly questions, don’t judge the most absurd ideas. Stay with those ideas, work with them, exploring various possibilities. The light may come on next week with the upcoming Full Moon in Gemini and Sagittarius.

Mercury starts its retrograde movement today at 6:49 PM on the West Coast and 9:49 PM on the East Coast. It retrogrades at 13° Gemini 08′ and continues to retrograde until June 11, 2015 when it moves direct at 4° Gemini 33′. Gemini rules the natural zodiac’s third house, which covers such topics as inner office communications like memos, texts, emails; this house and sign are also involved in training people, or, training materials as well as short journeys, neighbors, neighbor issues, age mates and siblings. It is the sign and house that involves such things as short stories, journals, news columns, newsletter, advertising, sometimes even bookkeeping. So if any of this is something you are doing right now, you may want to, again, check something before it goes out. A serious misspelling may miscommunicate your intentions.

Sometimes people forget to show up for appointments, re-arrange their schedules, or re-think important contracts or projects. This sounds unpleasant, but there is a great gift that comes with Mercury retrogrades in that you filter out what is clear and what is absolutely not. It is important to remain flexible during this time, which might be easier closer to week’s end as the Sun leaves less pliable Taurus and enters Gemini on Thursday, May 21. Plans for the upcoming Memorial Day weekend may go awry, but may be to your benefit as Friday May 22 brings a more conservative approach to the weekend. This is important if you feel at all burned out or tired. Don’t over extend. You can have just as much fun close to home on Saturday and Sunday while the Moon is in Leo. Friends from the past may show up and if you are close to home, they may show up on your doorstep!

The week begins with the Last Quarter Moon at 20° Aquarius 26′. Last Quarter Moon weeks are about deflating the balloon, finishing things up, clearing out the deck, the closets, the cobwebs. They are a time when we feel more tired than usual and for good reason. The spring has been filled with lots of activity, eclipses, hard squares, and now in the next week or so, Mercury, the planet of communication, will begin its three week retrograde starting on Monday, May 18 (more on that next week). However, since it appears to be slowing down this week and we happen to be in a Last Quarter Moon, it is a good time check and re-check something you’ve been working on just to make sure the ‘t’s are crossed and the ‘i’s are dotted.

If you’ve been studying something, or, trying to learn it better, this could be a good week to reinforce what you do know, then mark down the parts that are still foggy and work out those parts over the course of the next few weeks. I will be teaching a class on Saturday May 16 on Solar Arcs in Fort Lauderdale, Florida from 10:30 am to 5 pm, so if anyone reading this really wants to reinforce their knowledge of Solar Arcs, then please contact Mimi Alonso at 954-296-1211 for more information on registration. If you cannot attend, there is always the very excellent WMV file available through our website on Solar Arcs presented in spring 2014.

The week ends with a Moon in Taurus moving into a new cycle, a New Moon, on Sunday, May 17 late at night on the West Coast and just past midnight on Monday May 18 on the East Coast when Mercury goes retrograde. But more on that next week.

As the week opens, the Sun and Jupiter offers a happy start. Re-thinking occurred over the last few days. As the week continues, the Sun and Pluto are in a very positive aspect throughout Wednesday and Thursday offering easy and effortless solutions. Though it may seem stressful due to too many irons in the fire, things shift come Thursday afternoon, May 7. Transit Venus moves into the cardinal/action sign of Cancer. Believe it or not, the sign of Cancer, though quite emotional and watery, does have a way of getting things done, particularly around the home or family front. If she really wants something to happen, she is incredibly tenacious, particularly when it comes to defending her turf. Venus in Cancer doesn’t let go easily. Things get done.

Allowing time to rest or take a nice long nap comes on Saturday May 9, with Mercury and Neptune square to each other. A dip in a pool, a nice massage, or gardening offers a small respite from the hectic pace often surrounding Mother’s Day weekends. Yes…it is Mother’s Day on Sunday May 10. I don’t like going out on Mother’s Day because it is just too loud, too hectic, too overwhelming. We usually pick other days that are quieter and prove to be more meaningful where you can actually talk with each other and take your time at the table. Especially pay attention at week’s end when Mars moves through the last degrees of Taurus, reinforcing this idea of ‘over the top’ experiences many have on this ‘one day a year’ where we honor our mothers. Really? What about those other 364 days?? Think about it.

Georgia Stathis presents her monthly Starcycles astrology podcast.